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Market analysis and technology perspectives on the dynamic market of wired and wireless connectivity

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  • Stephanie Gibbons | September 02, 2015
    On August 19th, Google announced a new Wi-Fi router, named the OnHub, in a move to strengthen its position in the smart home. The search giant partnered with networking device manufacturer, TP-Link, to develop the OnHub, which will be priced at $199. It will support...
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  • Roz Euan-Smith | August 19, 2015
    - According to a recently published IHS report (Smart Home Energy Management Devices Report – 2015) analyzing the market for demand-response enabled smart home energy management devices, in-home displays and smart thermostats will lead the way in terms of installed base numbers but will generate less revenue than smart appliances – a combined US$57 million compared to nearly US$3 billion – due to government and utility company subsidies.
  • Lee Ratliff | August 04, 2015
    Almost exactly one year after the Thread Group initially announced the creation of the Thread low-power wireless networking protocol, the group announced the release of the 1.0 version of the Thread specification on July 14. The certification program and software stacks...
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This service, combining strategic analysis and real-time forecasts, provides clients with the insight needed to make critical business decisions and maximize growth opportunities in the burgeoning IoT market.
Provides accurate analysis and deep insight of the key metrics of relevant players in low power wireless systems and technologies.
In recent years, the demand and expectation for connectivity has expanded beyond consumer devices market, with companies and governments worldwide investing in technology to enable similar communication capabilities in their various assets, machines, and equipment. This trend has led to the rapid growth of the cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) market. Given the rising use of M2M in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare to utilities, this market presents a significant opportunity for companies that have a thorough understanding of its current dynamics and future outlook.


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  • Josh Builta | August 28, 2015
    This is the fifth edition of IHS’s annual study examining the world market for cellular modules used in M2M communications. This report provides up-to-date, comprehensive analysis of the cellular module market. In-depth forecasts are provided for nine different M2M vertical markets, with additional segmentation by air interface technology and region.
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  • Lee Ratliff, Sam Lucero | July 29, 2015
    This report examines the market for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). This report provides a current snapshot of this market as well as a unit forecast, a connections forecast, and visibility into the factors that will influence the market growth and development in upcoming years.
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  • Samsung IoT Platform Introduction Highlights Internet of Things World 2015
    John Byrne | May 28, 2015
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  • Bill Morelli | July 15, 2015
    The IoT Connectivity Market Tracker provides clients with the most current estimates and forecasts on the IoT market. The IoT Market Tracker database includes a wealth of quantitative data, including annual historic and forecast data for equipment shipments, installed base, and connectivity penetration ...
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  • Lee Ratliff | July 06, 2015
    Quarterly analysis around low power technologies that enable M2M systems and products
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  • Stephanie Gibbons | April 16, 2015
    The expanding world of connected devices is becoming more diverse as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) integrate multiple connectivity technologies in a widening range of both consumer and enterprise devices...
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  • William Rhodes | October 02, 2014
    Popular opinion from across the exhibitors, attendees and press agreed that this year’s show in Las Vegas was a good one. There was a general ‘buzz’ around the show which definitely outshone the 2013 edition in Philadelphia. Here, IHS report back with everything you need to know from three days of...
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  • William Rhodes | September 30, 2014
    2013 was certainly an interesting year for the global lighting and LED market. Despite the stagnating economy and sluggish new construction industry, the lighting market remained buoyant. The emerging markets of China and Latin America saw strong growth whilst the Western European and North American...
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  • Icon Director, Internet of Things, M2M & Digital
    Bill Morelli is an associate director with the IHS Information Technology and Telecommunications divisions and is responsible for leading the IHS analyst teams covering cellular machine-to-machine communications as well as digital identification and security.
  • Icon Principal Analyst, Connectivity & IoT
    Lee Ratliff is a connectivity and communications analyst responsible for directing IHS coverage of low-power wireless, broadband, and home networking semiconductors and technologies...
  • Icon Associate Director, Connectivity, Smart Homes & Smart Cities
    Lisa Arrowsmith joined IHS in March 2008, and is responsible for the company’s Semiconductors & Components and Information Technology research teams. Lisa is responsible for managing a team of analysts specialized across a broad range of technologies, covering high-bandwidth & low-power RF, as well as wired or powerline-based alternatives.
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