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Integrated analysis and forecasts for the future of the smartphone, other mobile devices, 4G networks and mobile broadband

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  • Francis Sideco | July 30, 2015
    As mentioned in the previous article in this series, there are multiple levels of carrier aggregation or CA which enable different categories of LTE user equipment (UE) capability. Typically, the higher the level of CA...
  • Antonios Maroulis | July 29, 2015
    Allowing Best Buy to stock the Apple Watch could expand Apple’s footprint to over 1200 retail locations. Best Buy has over 1000 stores in the United States, which is more than Apple’s 267 shops.. The initial agreement however only includes 300 stores in 2015. As a highly personal product with many strap options, potential customers...
  • Siyun Zeng | July 01, 2015
    Barclaycard, the UK card issuer of the Barclays banking group, is relaunching its bPay contactless payments system in July with three new NFC devices: an updated wristband, key fobs and stickers. The service allows users from any bank with a UK-registered Visa or Master debit or credit card to add money to a pre-paid account online, from its mobile app, or set up auto top-up. At launch, payments will be limited to £20 but will rise to £30 in September when UK limits are raised.


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Mobile Device Electronics Intelligence quantifies the market for all semiconductor and cellular technologies driven by the mobile device industry spanning devices to infrastructure. It includes detail on the available market by device shipment volume and revenues as well as semiconductor device type (i.e. logic ASSP/ASIC, memory, analog ASSP/ASIC, etc) consumed by each segment of the total wireless industry.
Understanding the future of the smartphone and high speed 4G is critical for all operators, OEMs, media companies, and component suppliers engaged in mobile.
As the global handset market increasingly becomes dominated by smartphones, market dynamics are driving divergent requirements across multiple tiers of devices. Smartphone Electronics Design Intelligence captures market drivers on both a global as well as OEM level enabling rapid analysis and implementation of strategic and tactical initiatives.
Provides data, insight, and analysis of the latest trends in the global tablet and eReader market.
The wearable technology market is ramping dramatically and presents opportunity for explosive future growth. The world market for wearable technology reached $8.5 billion in revenues during 2012, with 96 million devices shipped. By 2018, unit shipments are forecast to reach 210 million...
The explosive demand in wireless devices represents significant opportunity for the semiconductor industry. The Wireless Semiconductor Competitive Intelligence Service provides deep insight and analysis on the rapidly shifting core chipset supplier landscape across a range of mobile devices from wireless infrastructure, mobile broadband devices and handsets. Metrics offer extremely detailed semiconductor supplier market shares by end application, wireless function and technologies.


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  • Icon Senior Analyst, Mobile Devices & Networks
    Brad Shaffer works as a research analyst for the telecommunications team. Brad conducts research and analysis on the RF components market and continually tracks the competitive landscape of the greater wireless semiconductor market.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Mobile Media, Mobile Devices & Networks
    Daniel Gleeson is leading the mobile team's coverage into mobile technology. His research encompasses handsets, smartphones, mobile broadband, mobile data traffic, mobile data revenue, spectrum and 4G.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Mobile Devices & Networks
    Wayne Lam is a senior analyst with the wireless communications team and is responsible for research related to the market tracking, forecast and supply chain analysis of mobilized devices.

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