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Timely information on today's critical communications market, with coverage of command & control rooms, civil security, mobile radio, and more

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The Mobile Radio Intelligence Service provides continuous coverage of the global Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) market, including report coverage of LMR, DMR, TETRA, LMR Infrastructure, and LMR Accessories, as well as competitive market shares, executive ppts, and Trax interactive databases.


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  • Omar Talpur | November 20, 2015
    This study provides up to date and insightful data on the accessories industry. The report examines the use of accessories and uncovers the factors and events that are having an impact on the types of accessories used by each end user group, including operational changes, budget restrictions and legislation.
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  • Christoforos Papachristou | November 19, 2015

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    An in-depth analysis of the rapidly growing cybersecurity market from a regional and vertical market perspective

    This document outlines the proposed scope for a new study examining the EMEA and North American market for Cybersecurity until 2020. Cybersecurity is a core market that includes computer network technologies and services that are designed to protect the cyber environment and organization as well as user’s intellectual and financial assets, from attacks and/or exploitations of civil and government computer networks and the data they contain. Over the last few years, the enormous rise and sophistication of cyber-attacks have driven a range of different models and solutions in terms of hardware, software and services.
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  • ​Alexander Richardson | November 17, 2015
    This first edition study on critical communications within the oil & gas sector provides detailed vertical analysis and forecasts (2015-2019) on the global markets for licensed mobile radio terminals, LMR infrastructure, LMR accessories, command and control solutions, and private LTE devices and hardware.
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  • Elizabeth Mead | October 28, 2015
    This is the third edition of the IHS report dedicated to the market for LMR infrastructure and system integration. Previous IHS reports have included subsections on infrastructure components but this report solely focuses on infrastructure equipment and system integration, recognising this market has its own unique value chain.
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  • Thomas Lynch | July 30, 2015
    IHS is recognized worldwide for its high quality market research reports in the wireless communications field. IMS Research (acquired by IHS Inc.) has been producing research on the mobile-radio market for over ten years and current customers include all the leading suppliers to this market.
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  • Elizabeth Mead | June 24, 2015
    This is the sixth edition of the IHS report dedicated to the market for DMR/dPMR and competing technologies. This reflects the increased growth worldwide of this market over the last few years, notably with the DMR Tier III announcements and several launches made in 2013 and 2014, and PDT announcements and launches in China, an increasing number of manufacturers are developing or looking to address the market for DMR/dPMR, PDT & competing technologies in the future.
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  • Icon Analyst, Critical Communications & Cybersecurity
    Christoforos is an IHS market analyst specializing in critical communications and cyber security. In addition to his work in cyber security, Christoforos is also responsible for mobile radio research, specifically in the public safety vertical and the deployment of critical communications broadband networks.
  • Icon Analyst, Critical Communications
    Elizabeth Mead is an IHS market analyst specializing in TETRA and DMR industries, licensed mobile radio accessories and the infrastructure markets, authoring reports on “TETRA...
  • Icon Director, Critical Communications
    Thomas Lynch is an director for IHS critical communications group. The groups PMR coverage includes TETRA, P25, TETRAPOL, DMR, NXDN and dPMR, covered across the key vertical segments of public safety & security, utilities, military, transport and industrial.
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