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Equipping firms worldwide with tools to master the risk, cost and complexity of the semiconductor value chain. Includes Inventory, OEM Design Activity & Semiconductor expenditures, IC Cost Model and frequent analyst insights.

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Offers data and insight to help our customers understand the complicated electronics supply chain in China, find business opportunities and identify potential Chinese clients. Our analysis also inlcudes market development trends, market size and market share of major players.


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  • HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt & MHL Battle While USB Type-C Lurks
    Brian O’Rourke | July 06, 2015
    This report contains analysis and commentary on significant trends and changes in the wired interface space, and the semiconductor, personal computer (PC), and consumer electronics (CE), and wireless device marketplace.
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  • Kevin Wang | November 26, 2014
    In this report, IHS provides a five-year forecast about the semiconductor market in both Asia and China through the distribution sales channel. In addition, IHS analyzes strategy of online sales model by distributors, and distribution network of successful suppliers, as well as development trends of domestic distributors. Also, IHS will present a five-year forecast of distribution sales by different markets: communication, consumer, automotive, industrial, and data processing market separately.
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  • Brian O’Rourke | April 24, 2014
    This report provides an updated view of the state of technology development and consumer adoption of wired video interface technology solutions.
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  • Julia Zhu | July 23, 2015
    Market forecasts and close examination of market demand focusing on total China local design market by devices and six applications: data processing, wired communication, wireless communication, consumer electronics and industrial electronics; top-30 products in this market; and leading products in the four key devices (memory, MCU, logic IC and analog IC).
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  • Kevin Wang | July 21, 2015
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  • Previously named the IC Price Evaluator
    Andrew Rassweiler | July 16, 2015
    The IC Cost Model provides users with a detailed look into the economics of building and buying custom semiconductors. Through a simple, easy to understand user interface, purchasing specialists, commodity managers and other professionals involved in IC procurement can get valuable insight into their suppliers’ cost base...
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  • Icon Director, Semiconductor Value Chain
    Akira Minamikawa is responsible for the management of all Japanese electronics research in addition to acting as a director and principal analysts. Earlier, Akira was the head of the technology research department and senior analyst for the brokerage firm CLSA Securities.
  • Icon Director, Semiconductor Value Chain and Mobile Devices & Networks
    Kevin Wang is responsible for managing IHS electronics research in China, including creating and implementing industry surveys, evaluating the impact of market factors, building long and short-term market forecasts and authoring research reports.
  • Analyst photo placeholder Senior Prinicipal Analyst, Semiconductor Value Chain
    Kun Soo Lee is a senior principal analyst with IHS Japan and is responsible for research on consumer electronics and related components. Before joining IHS, Kun Soo was a key member of the...
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