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Comprehensive memory and storage analysis for DRAM, DRAM Modules, NAND and NOR Flash Memory. Includes consumption in end equipment and detailed information by storage device type.

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DRAM Stockpiles Not Expected to Rise This Year—An Industry Positive

In a rousing sign of the market’s continuing health, inventories of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) won’t see an uptick anytime soon in 2014. The index measuring total weeks of DRAM inventory continues to decline after contracting throughout 2013, a process that first began in the fourth quarter of 2012. After slipping 8 percent in the first quarter last year from the earlier three-month period, the index plunged 29 percent in the second quarter and then slipped another 3 percent in the third, the latest date for which full figures are available.

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Micron Revenue Climbs in its Fiscal Fourth Thanks to DRAM—But Not So Much from NAND

Micron Technology is enjoying continuing positive momentum for its dynamic random access memory (DRAM) line even as the company’s NAND flash portfolio slows down, based on final-quarter revenue results...

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DRAM Dynamics Market Brief - Issue 6 - 2014

Offers analysis of real-time cost and pricing, inquiries into overall market conditions, and insights into the impact and implication of trends on various end applications for DRAM.

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Flash Dynamics Market Brief - Issue 4 - 2014

IHS surveys the major NAND applications to lay out expectations for the market.

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Data Flash Market Tracker - Q1 2014

An invaluable guide, the IHS Data Flash Market Tracker surveys every application market segment that currently consumes NAND flash, including handsets, tablets, solid state drives, cards, USB flash drives, digital camera/camcorders, and MP3 players. Users can expect major takeaways from the service for application into their own areas of inquiry.

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DRAM Module Market Tracker - Q1 2014

DRAM modules, reliant on PCs, have stalled in their growth as PC sales have slowed to a crawl.

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Press Releases

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A Tale of Two Memories: NAND eMMC hits a Record Year, While NOR Flash Shrinks Further

The global memory market presented a vivid picture of contrast last year given the wildly divergent fortunes of its two main segments, with spritely NAND offset by the sobering continued...

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To the Survivors Go the Spoils: Micron Savors Success in Scaled-Down DRAM Market

Having emerged as one of the winners in the game of semiconductor survival that has characterized the memory market, U.S.-based Micron Technology Inc. now is reaping the rewards...

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Clifford Leimbach

Clifford is responsible for providing research, analysis, and forecasting of DRAM and Flash memory from the demand side. His duties also include analyzing the DRAM upgrade module. Clifford holds a Masters of Arts in Economics from...

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Dee Robinson

At IHS, Dee Robinson is responsible for research on the NAND supply chain, application analysis, and memory capex. She tracks the cost and financial performance of memory companies...

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