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  • Ash Sharma | March 30, 2015
    IHS forecasts that global solar PV installations will grow by 30% in 2015 to reach 57.3 GW. At the same time it has revised its estimates for installations in 2014 to 44.2 GW (previously 45.1 GW).
  • Sam Wilkinson | March 27, 2015
    SunEdison is a leading developer of PV systems, and its pipeline extends across nearly all major PV markets worldwide. It has developed several one-off microgrid projects in the past, but this represents the first major large-scale build out of off-grid systems. As a large proportion of India’s population has extremely restricted access to electricity, solar microgrids (combined with storage) offer an extremely compelling alternative to other options such as diesel generators or extremely costly extensions of grid infrastructure.
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  • Sam Wilkinson | March 26, 2015
    In 2015 (calendar year) IHS forecasts that Japan will remain the second largest PV market globally in terms of installations (surpassed only by China), despite only a modest increase in demand. The heavy FiT declines that have recently been announced, will have limited impact on the 2015 market size, as the strong demand for PV is largely based...
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  • Lauren Cook | March 20, 2015
    The latest edition of Marketbuzz is your single-source reference across the entire value chain: from polysilicon manufacturing to policy development. It is the most comprehensive guide available for the global solar industry.
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  • Cormac Gilligan | February 20, 2015
    IHS carried out the research for the second edition of its report on PV balance of system (BoS) equipment over a period of six months. This report provides market sizes, forecast and supplier market shares for the global balance of system equipment market, highlighting the opportunities and challenges...
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  • Karl Melkonyan | December 02, 2014
    This report provides a detailed analysis of market and technology of concentrated photovoltaics. It identifies dominating regions, evaluates the competitiveness of CPV compared to conventional PV...
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  • Icon Senior Analyst, Solar Supply Chain
    Cormac Gilligan is a senior analyst in the IHS Power & Energy group. Cormac is currently responsible for researching the PV inverter market having published several syndicated research reports on this industry; he is also involved in running IHS market trackers and customer survey report.
  • Icon Associate Director, Solar Supply Chain and Energy Storage
    Sam Wilkinson is a manager for the power & energy group at IHS, leading its research on the PV inverter, BOS and energy storage markets. Sam has also been responsible for researching the PV module and polysilicon supply chain, working closely with leading global suppliers to develop detailed analysis on these markets.
  • Icon Associate Director, Solar Supply Chain
    Stefan de Haan is an associate director for the power & energy group at IHS, leading its research on the polysilicon, wafer, cell, and module markets. He is a founding member of the solar market research group and has built up the IHS Solar Photovoltaics Industry Market Tracker.