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Should cost, future cost, and supply demand dynamics impact component pricing and sourcing?


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  • Electronic Parts Database Single Part Look-up Tool
    October 25, 2011
    Single Part Look-up Tool powered by the world's largest parts database with over 410 million parts.
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  • Andrew Rassweiler | November 24, 2015
    IHS Component Health Watch (CHW) is an annual subscription that reports the health status and outlook of the overall supply and demand environment for major electronic components on a monthly cadence. CHW is a collaborative effort by IHS analysts who research the complete semiconductor eco-system from component end use to the supply of raw materials and their impact on component price and lead times.
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  • Andrew Rassweiler | November 24, 2015
    Component Price Tracker (CPT)™ is an annual service that provides current pricing and price forecast trends for high-volume, multi-sourced, commodity electronic components used in all types of electronic devices. The IHS Component Price Tracker examines the most representative part descriptions per component group on a monthly basis.
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  • powered by Lytica
    August 06, 2015
    Determine Competitive Purchasing of a "Bucket" of Electronic Parts. Those parts that are not competitively priced against their peers are targeted for cost savings opportunities. Optimally focus your procurement resources to engage in these prioritized parts. BOM Benchmark exercise typically takes a week to turnaround.
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