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  • Samuel Grinter | June 24, 2015
    This report includes the same content found in the EMEA, Americas, and Asia volumes, and provides readers with a comprehensive assessment of the global market for workforce management solutions.
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  • Samuel Grinter | February 17, 2015
    The aim in writing this report is to provide marketing and technical executives with an up-to-date, comprehensive assessment of the market, and to forecast the impact of significant trends over the next five years. This report provides detailed estimates of market sizes in 2014, and forecasts growth from...
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  • Samuel Grinter | August 29, 2014
    This report is the second edition by IHS on the global market for payroll solutions. The previous edition was published in May 2013. This report expands on the previous study to provide the latest analysis and discussions on trends affecting the market.
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  • Roz Euan-Smith | October 26, 2015
    The Smart Cities Project Tracker is updated on a quarterly basis, and contains information on approximately 400 smart city projects around the world. All these projects use integrated information and communications technology (ICT) systems to improve efficiency, manage complexity and enhance citizen quality of life, leading to sustainable improvement in city operations.
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  • Icon Analyst, Enterprise Resource Planning
    Samuel Grinter is an analyst in the IHS information technology group. Samuel’s research is focused on business process solutions and enterprise resource planning (ERP).
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