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Providing industry leading market intelligence to the lighting industry and LED market for over 20 years. Research coverage includes lamps, luminaires, packaged LEDs, LED supply and demand, LED materials, LED Driver ICs, LED manufacturer profiles and optoelectronic components.

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  • Jamie Fox | September 29, 2015
    A recent series of three reports from IHS found that the needs for lighting vary greatly by sector. Security is a significant watchword in transportation, increasing sales is important in retail and the up-front and lifetime costs of installation, electricity and maintenance is critical in office environments. Each of the following three areas offers a similar opportunity, but each requires different marketing strategies to win:
  • Jamie Fox | July 30, 2015
    Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is forecast to reach 19 percent of total lamp revenue in transportation lighting in 2015, according to the latest projection by IHS, Inc.
  • Fabian Hoelzenbein | July 09, 2015
    The lighting market continued the move towards LED technology in 2014. LED lamp revenues in in 2013 were 25 percent of total global lamp revenues, growing to 30 percent in 2014 and reaching 67 percent in 2022. A growing market for LED technology lighting means a shrinking market for halogen, compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and other traditional technologies, and larger lighting companies have struggled to adapt their businesses accordingly.


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The role of packaged LEDs is expanding in today’s world. From their traditional usage in consumer products, they are now found in growing list of applications including automotive and residential lighting. As this expansion provides avenues for new growth opportunity, the market becomes more competitive and dynamic. To thrive in this swiftly changing environment, you’ll need market information from a trusted, experienced source.
The IHS Lighting Intelligence Service provides a one-stop solution for unrivaled detail, insight and trends analysis for the lighting market. The service is delivered online through an interactive TRAX database tool, traditional reports, excel analysis, market briefs, and a LED Lamp monthly price tracker.


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  • Lighting Applications Research Package
    Fabian Hoelzenbein, Jamie Fox | July 01, 2015
    This report aims to give lighting manufacturers a deeper understanding of the needs, challenges and decision processes lighting end users in the office space face. The report is based on a series of in-depth interviews with lighting designers, installers, specifiers and engineers. They present the customers’ opinions, perceptions and key concerns, as well as market size and forecasts.
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  • Lighting Applications Research Package
    Fabian Hoelzenbein | July 01, 2015
    This report covers lighting in the transportation market, forming part of a series of lighting reports that also cover retail (published in May) and office (published by July). The aim is to give end-users insight into the key themes, decision-making processes, technology trends and challenges that they face in lighting solutions.
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  • Mike Hornung | June 29, 2015
    This report explores the worldwide market for optocouplers, solid state relays and alternative isolators. It provides the estimated revenues and shipments for 2014, and forecasts from 2015 to 2020 by geographical region, sector and product type, as well as providing information on market trends and technological developments.
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  • Swapna Prakash | September 29, 2015
    The LED lamp industry is evolving at a breakneck pace, where improvements in technologies and reductions in price are occurring simultaneously. With the price of lamps being one of the most important purchasing decision factors for the average consumer, it is essential for market players be aware of how the market is evolving by region, product type, etc.
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  • Fabian Hoelzenbein | September 22, 2015
    This database is an evolution of the popular lighting report. Now in its fifth edition this database, which is updated throughout the year, provides detailed revenue and unit shipment analyses of six lamp and eight luminaire technologies, with forecasts through 2023.
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  • Fabian Hoelzenbein | September 22, 2015
    This database is an evolution of the popular lighting report. Now in its fifth edition this database, which is updated throughout the year, provides detailed revenue and unit shipment analyses of six lamp and eight luminaire technologies, with forecasts through 2023.
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  • Jamie Fox | January 15, 2015
    This white paper outlines ten trends we predict will make an impact on the lighting and LED industry in 2015. Trends covered include: LED growth in China, cloud based smart lighting, Li-Fi, QD LEDs, OLED luminaries, and smart street lights amongst others.
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  • William Rhodes | October 02, 2014
    Popular opinion from across the exhibitors, attendees and press agreed that this year’s show in Las Vegas was a good one. There was a general ‘buzz’ around the show which definitely outshone the 2013 edition in Philadelphia. Here, IHS report back with everything you need to know from three days of...
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  • William Rhodes | September 30, 2014
    2013 was certainly an interesting year for the global lighting and LED market. Despite the stagnating economy and sluggish new construction industry, the lighting market remained buoyant. The emerging markets of China and Latin America saw strong growth whilst the Western European and North American...
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  • William Rhodes | January 15, 2015
    EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (January 14, 2015) – The recent restructuring by major global lighting companies will allow LED makers to raise capital for investments in 2015. According to “Top Lighting and LEDs Trends for 2015,” a new white paper issued by the IHS (NYSE: IHS), last year’s restructuring could lead to improved margins for leading companies, along with the potential for lower product prices for consumers.
  • William Rhodes | October 07, 2014
    The 2014 Nobel Prize for physics awarded today to three physicists for their invention of blue light-emitting diodes (LED) led to a significant breakthrough and paved the way for the creation of white light—a cleaner, more energy-efficient and longer-lasting source of illumination that also has generated a multibillion-dollar market and the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs, according to IHS Technology (NYSE: IHS).
  • Jamie Fox | June 23, 2014
    One out of every four dollars spent worldwide on light-emitting diode (LED) drivers in 2013 was used for lighting applications, illustrating the growing importance of illumination in the LED business, according to IHS Technology (NYSE: IHS).

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  • Icon Senior Analyst, LEDs & Lighting
    Alice Tao joined IHS as a market analyst in February 2011 and she works on the China LED market and MOCVD and LED supply. She was previously a manager at ENF, a PV consulting firm.
  • Icon Principal Analyst, LEDs & Lighting
    Jamie Fox is a industrial & medical technology principal analyst and is focused on the markets for LEDs and other optoelectronic components. Based in the UK, he is the lead analyst for...
  • Icon Manager, Lighting & LEDs
    William Rhodes is a manager in the IHS lighting and LEDs group. William heads up an international team of analysts researching the LED, OLED, lamps and luminaires markets. Previously William...
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