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Providing high quality and in-depth market research and consultancy services to the medical device industry. Coverage includes medical imaging equipment, clinical care devices, healthcare IT, remote patient monitoring, consumer medical devices, medical displays, performance monitoring and other wearable technologies.

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  • Jessica Edge | June 08, 2015
    It was another busy year at the annual EuroAnaesthesia event with attendees enjoying a symposia programme focused on the innovations and technologies within the field of anaesthesia. The lively exhibition hall was teaming with suppliers of anaesthesia machines and other anaesthesia products. There were a number of themes present throughout the show, including patient safety, cost effectiveness through long-term cost savings, and the impact of healthcare IT on anaesthesia product choice. Yet, the topic that seemed to stand out the most as an overarching theme was product and technology development to improve patient care and patient outcomes, whilst providing cost savings to healthcare organisations.
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  • Kelly Patrick | June 02, 2015
    There is no doubt that healthcare IT solutions are a key talking point amongst healthcare providers and physicians alike. In the awakening of the economic decline and the increasing financial burden of healthcare expenditure, purchasers are seeking innovative technology to drive down costs. As the industry shifts towards preventative care, the use of healthcare information technology to aid diagnosis and to improve workflow is increasing.
  • Holly Ingram, Kelly Patrick, Jessica Edge | May 20, 2015
    Cost containment continues to underpin purchasing decisions in the medical device industry, and is increasingly shaping medical device procurement. Manufacturers are developing sales strategies to maximise this opportunity by offering bundling of products to increase cost-effectiveness. This, in turn, further drives market penetration, by allowing the sale of equipment that a healthcare provider may not previously have purchased from them.


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Reach new markets, improve product negotiations and capitalize on new technology trends in healthcare.
This research package includes four separate modules that provide market sizing, 5-year forecasts and sub-regional market share analysis for key respiratory markets. Each module includes quantitative analysis, supported by a qualitative assessment of the market, from macro-healthcare trends to market-specific factors. Please click on PDF to get more information on the markets covered.
Advance your competitive position by leveraging IHS’ uniquely comprehensive data and insights on ultrasound technology and market dynamics.
The wearable technology market is ramping dramatically and presents opportunity for explosive future growth. The world market for wearable technology reached $8.5 billion in revenues during 2012, with 96 million devices shipped. By 2018, unit shipments are forecast to reach 210 million...
​Advance your competitive position by leveraging IHS’ uniquely comprehensive data and insights on X-ray technology and market dynamics.


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  • Stephen Holloway | June 24, 2015
    The fifth edition of the CT equipment report provides in-depth analysis of the key trends, growth drivers and inhibitors in the CT equipment market. This report identifies growth rates by country, for over 25 individual markets. Market sizing by product type is also provided in revenues ($), unit shipments and average selling prices, with annual forecasts to 2019.
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  • Andrew Rebhan | June 23, 2015
    The report provides an up-to-date, comprehensive description of the medical talent management software and services market and identifies trends that will have a significant influence over the next six years. Medical talent management applications covered in this report include talent
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  • Holly Ingram | June 05, 2015
    In the short term, demand for open MRI will continue to increase as a result of growth in the emerging regions. Open MRI provides a cost-effective alternative to closed systems; therefore, it is preferred in markets with limited budgets.
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  • Nicola Goatman | June 23, 2015
    The clinical application database provides additional deep dive analysis of the global ultrasound market by clinical application. Market sizing in terms of revenues, units shipments and ASP is provided for 8 product types further split by 20 applications and over 15 countries...
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  • Healthcare IT Solution Suite
    Shane Walker | June 23, 2015
    IHS Technology examines the state of Healthacre IT implementation today and analyzes key trends that will affect diverse markets over the next five years in 14 new rpeorts capturing 24 distinct products.
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  • Shane Walker | June 10, 2015
    The wearable technology market is reaming dramatically. This service contains ongoing data, analysis and deep dive reports on the market with insights from analysts throughout IHS Technology. 24 product types, 5 industry applications and 160 companies are researched.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Medical Devices & Healthcare IT
    Kelly Patrick is a principal analyst within the medical devices and healthcare IT team, part of IHS technology. Kelly is focused primarily on developing market studies in the clinical care device...
  • Icon Director, Medical Technology
    Shane Walker manages the Medical Technology research portfolio at IHS. Shane’s current medical technology coverage areas include telehealth, medical displays, healthcare IT, sports monitoring and other wearable technology.
  • Icon Associate Director, Medical Devices & Healthcare IT
    Stephen Holloway is an associate director in the medical device and healthcare IT research team, part of IHS technology. He manages a team of expert analysts in research and delivery of an extensive portfolio of market leading clinical care and medical imaging device market research studies.
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