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  • Josh Woodhouse | March 03, 2015
    Consumer awareness of video surveillance and home video monitoring is increasing. This has been helped by the exposure Dropcam has provided the category. Retailers are taking note and network cameras are increasingly present on the shelves and webpages of many stores. IHS forecasts over 11 million consumer and DIY network cameras will be shipped worldwide in 2015.
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  • Oliver Philippou | February 19, 2015
    In recent years there has been a growing interest and adoption of the “smart home” concept in North America. This has been led by service providers using physical security to drive smart home applications.
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  • Jon Cropley | February 10, 2015
    Canon announced a public offer today to acquire Axis Communications. Axis is one of the world’s largest suppliers of video surveillance equipment.
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IHS Technology is the recognized leader of market intelligence to the global video surveillance industry and major research provider to all 15 of the world’s largest video surveillance equipment suppliers. From IHS’s first publication of the core CCTV & Video Surveillance report in 2003, the portfolio has expanded to an offering of over 15 annual studies and the new Video Surveillance Intelligence Service.


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  • Jon Cropley, Josh Woodhouse, Harry Cai | December 30, 2014
    IHS has researched the market for video surveillance equipment for over a decade. Its Video Surveillance Intelligence Service provides the most detailed analysis available. As an element of the service, this database provides...
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  • Jon Cropley, Josh Woodhouse, Harry Cai | May 30, 2014
    Included in the Video Surveillance Intelligence Service, is an annual Market Share database with a total of twelve (12) market share tables for each region (top 10) - EMEA, Americas, Asia, China and World. The market share tables are for the following product types: total CCTV & video surveillance equipment...
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  • Icon Research Manager, Power Supplies & Wireless Power
    David is Research Manager for the Power Supplies & Wireless Power group at IHS, leading a team of analysts focused on our intelligence services, research on key technology trends and consumer analysis.
  • Icon Prinicipal Analyst, Video Surveillance
    Jon Cropley is a principal analyst in the IHS video surveillance and security services group. He joined the company in 2001 and has authored numerous syndicated research reports since...
  • Icon Associate Director, Video Surveillance
    Niall Jenkins is an associate director for the industrial & medical technology group at IHS. Niall leads a team of analysts focused on video surveillance equipment, the key technology trends, and route to market analysis.