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Detailed technology and industry intelligence on key components and materials used in display manufacturing

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  • Kihyun Kim | November 16, 2015
    The Display Chemical Materials Report – 2015 examines the top seven chemical materials used in manufacturing a TFT LCD panel. The key materials include photoresist, etchant, stripper, and developer, which are used in manufacturing both TFT arrays and color filters. The remaining three are RGB resist, resin BM, and photo spacer, which are used in making color filters. The report also deals with global demand trends by region, major panel maker, and production line from 2011 to 2019. This report, which provides a great deal of insight on the TFT LCD chemical materials market, is vital in understanding the market.
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  • Kihyun Kim, Doo Kim | October 02, 2014
    This report analyzes the top seven chemical materials—photoresist, etchant, stripper, developer, RGB resist, resin BM, and photo spacer—used in manufacturing TFT-LCD panels...
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  • Richard Son | September 25, 2014
    This report forecasts the price of sapphire front covers based on a scenario of the sapphire covers to be applied on the next iPhone in 2015 and the growth potential of the sapphire cover market through an analysis of the sapphire cover production cost. In addition, with the growth of light emitting diode (LED) lighting market, the report conducted a market analysis of sapphire ingot and substrate for LEDs by region and by size.
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  • Irene Heo | November 04, 2015
    The Display Optical Film Market Tracker covers polarizer and backlight-related films for TFT LCDs, including PVA, production film, COP, PSA, diffuser, reflector, light guide plate, microlens film, BEF/DBEF, prism sheet, and multi-functional film.
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  • Yoshio Tamura | October 30, 2015
    The Large Area Display Cost Model covers large-area (9”+) displays for major applications: the LCD TV, monitor, and notebook PC applications. This model includes Excel data tables and PowerPoint. The cost model helps to understand the panel cost structure, forecast, and the profitability of each mainstream panels. Users can generate forecasts based on their data and assumptions.
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  • Tadashi Uno | October 20, 2015
    The Display Driver IC Market Tracker is a quarterly report that covers the shipments, prices, revenue, value chain (supply chain) dynamics, wafer foundries, new technologies, interfaces, and display resolutions that influence driver ICs across all applications.
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  • Icon Senior Analyst, Display Materials & Components
    Kihyun Kim is a senior analyst at IHS Technology and responsible for the TFT/LCD/AMOLED materials market and technology.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Display Materials & Components
    Richard Son is responsible for the research and analysis of the display materials market at IHS Technology. With four years of experience, he conducts an in-depth market analysis, particularly focusing on touch, mobile screen cover, and display materials.
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