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Comprehensive, timely information and analysis on the growth and trends in all consumer electronics devices and semiconductors, with detailed research on TV sets, set-top boxes, tablets, modems and routers

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  • Paul Erickson | August 25, 2015
    LG recently launched the Music Flow HS8 Wireless Curved Sound Bar, which will be initially available in Europe, with pricing yet to be determined. The HS8 is a 360-watt, 4.1 channel system that incorporates both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and is compatible with both Google Cast and LG’s Music Flow standards for connected multi-room audio. The HS8 also incorporates LG’s i-Sound Mode functionality, automatically adjusting sound settings to match the type of content being viewed. The soundbar is also compatible with TV remotes from eight different manufacturers, aiding its utility and marketability beyond just the LG TV owner base.
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  • Paul Erickson | August 25, 2015
    Yamaha recently announced it was launching 20 products before the end of 2015 built around its new proprietary MusicCast multi-room connected audio standard. The new line includes AV receivers, a two-channel receiver, two soundbars, a TV speaker base, tabletop speaker, powered monitor speakers, and more. The two new soundbars incorporate object-based surround processing, and utilize multiple aimed drivers to bounce sound off walls and ceilings at multiple angles. Existing connected AV receivers in the company’s RX and Aventage lines will be able to be upgraded to compatibility with the new standard via firmware upgrade. Similar to other offerings, all playback is controlled via tablet- and smartphone-based app. Yamaha’s technology is able to stream high-definition 24-bit audio from networked computers, attached storage, mobile devices, and audio devices connected to a MusicCast product. Up to 10 different MusicCast devices are able to play 10 different songs simultaneously. Over wireless connections, a maximum of three devices can stream high definition audio simultaneously, and for additional devices, playback resolution is lowered to prevent network congestion. The company has stated that its target objective is to offer multi-room audio to those customers seeking high quality surround sound for their main system and entertainment area, but also wanting to add connected audio functionality to bring audio into other rooms.
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  • Paul Erickson | August 11, 2015
    In a new direction for the company, Kenwood recently announced its entry into the increasingly crowded wired headphone market with the debut of three new models. The company will enlist specialty retailers to sell the $80 KH-CR500 earbuds, the $120 waterproof KH-SR800 sport earbuds, and the $200 over-ear KH-KR900 headphones. Unique features touted by the company include three sizes of both silicone and memory foam ear tips for the KH-CR500, a behind-the-neck cord design accompanied by in-ear and open-type ear pieces for the KH-SR800, and quad-ported, tuned housings on the KH-KR900. In a distinct acknowledgment of their targeting of mobile device users, all three models feature an in-line volume control and microphone.
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Comprehensive time-critical information about the technical aspects of the connected home ranging from broadband access, to online video distribution and domestic hardware.
Market Intelligence that enables confident investment, planning, and executive decision-making in Consumer Electronics
Provides data, insight, and analysis of the latest trends in the global tablet and eReader market.
The IHS TV Sets Intelligence Service offers extensive analysis of the trends driving today's TV set market. Maintained by an experienced team of regional industry experts, the service helps you gain a better understanding of the dynamics in today's global TV market.
IHS TV Sets Intelligence Service - Premium offers extensive analysis of the trends driving today's TV set market. Maintained by an experienced team of regional industry experts, the service helps you gain a better understanding of the dynamics in today's global TV market.
The wearable technology market is ramping dramatically and presents opportunity for explosive future growth. The world market for wearable technology reached $8.5 billion in revenues during 2012, with 96 million devices shipped. By 2018, unit shipments are forecast to reach 210 million...


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  • Merrick Kingston | August 21, 2015
    The Broadband Technology market monitor provides a holistic view of major trends across the connected device and OTT media-and-technology landscape
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  • Daniel Simmons | August 18, 2015
    Global set-top box shipments will grow 4.3% to 302.8M units in 2015. The value of the industry will grow to 20.6B (0.79%), due to market saturation mainly in pay TV and price erosion. Shipment growth will peak in 2017 in line with digitisation plans, however revenue will decline as price competition and digitisation exacerbates the slowing growth in pay TV. Connectable STBs are set to grow during the forecast period and UHD may bolster revenue more significantly beyond it.
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  • John Kendall, Daniel Simmons | August 12, 2015
    251M broadband CPE shipments for 2014, up 10.7% from 2013. The value of the industry will grow by nearly 16.9% from 2013. Arris, building on their Motorola acquisition, took the number one vendor spot in terms of shipments of broadband CPE in 2014, and retained the top spot in terms of revenues. In terms if IC shipments, Broadcom remained world leader in 2014. 2014 DSL shipments grew by 10%, cable by 16%, and FTTP by 9.8%. Shipments are expected to grow at a 3.9% CAGR from 2014 – 2019.
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  • Paul Gray | September 01, 2015
    Track Smart TVs by 3 different connected TV types (basic, set-maker controlled and consumer controlled). Shipments data is provided by region, size, display technology and connected TV type.
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  • Paul Gagnon | August 26, 2015
    This database provides insight into specific brand and size share trends unique to these unique and dynamic Eastern European TV markets.
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  • Paul Gagnon | August 26, 2015
    Country specific, quarterly historical TV shipments by brand, technology and size category for North America, divided into US and Canada specific results from Q4 2012 to the most recent quarter.
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  • Hisakazu Torii | August 04, 2015
    Japanese TV brands have gradually been losing market share in TV markets around the world over the few years. This has forced many to re-evaluate their business models and pursue licensing deals with other manufacturers, and move away from TV manufacturing. The latest in this line of Japanese TV brands are Toshiba and Sharp, as highlighted in this presentation.
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  • Jeff Lin | July 24, 2015
    Worldwide Mobile PC shipments are expected to be 403 million units by the end of the year, down from last quarter’s forecast of 424 million units. This was primarily due to weaker than expected demand in Q1-15, along with a downward revision of expectations for Notebook PC replacement demand from the introduction of Windows 10.
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  • Tom Morrod | July 22, 2015
    What are the key technologies and the differences in the Asian pay TV market? This presentation demonstrates the differences between developed and developing pay TV markets by exploring the future of pay TV in Asia. Operators, OTT providers and content owners are increasingly looking towards key technologies like UHD, multicast IP transmission and LTE video, edge caching and predictive analytics and content recommendation in order to drive video consumption as the number of connected devices in the region grows.
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  • Analyst photo placeholder Senior Analyst, Consumer Devices & Professional Video
    Andrew joined IHS in February 2008 and works as a senior analyst researching professional video technology. He has co-authored a major report on the global broadcast and media technology industry for the IABM and has worked on many bespoke consultancy projects covering broadcast and media technology all over the world.
  • Icon Principal Analyst, Consumer Devices
    Jusy Hong is the principal analyst for TV set research at IHS. He is responsible for leading TV research team and PDP panel research as well as large area LCD. Jusy also coordinates wider consumer electronics research in Asia.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Consumer Devices
    Kathleen Zhang is responsible for research in the Chinese and Taiwanese TV markets and vendors, including creating and implementing industry surveys, market sizing and forecasting and evaluating the impact of broad market factors on television demands.
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