WEBINAR - Creating a better Wi-Fi experience with artificial intelligence

Led by: Matthias Machowinski, Senior Research Director, Enterprise Networks and Video

Led by: Matthias Machowinski, Senior Research Director, Enterprise Networks and Video


Most enterprises are planning to only provide Wi-Fi access to their employees, which puts a new focus on Wi-Fi reliability and performance to ensure uninterrupted access to data and applications. Network managers typically hear of poor Wi-Fi performance after the fact from users and rely on time-consuming, manual troubleshooting processes. But a change is on the horizon: vendors are starting to incorporate into their Wi-Fi systems artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that analyze the trove of network data to measure and benchmark performance, correlate it with events, and identify the root causes of problems. Once a problem has been identified, the AI engine recommends fixes, which could range from adjusting settings to upgrading Wi-Fi hardware/bandwidth. Some AI-based systems can even adjust network settings automatically and continuously, avoiding performance problems altogether. In this webinar, we will take an in-depth look at how enterprises are using AI to improve Wi-Fi performance, the features to consider when choosing a platform, and the pitfalls to avoid.


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