WEBINAR - How 5G is poised to disrupt the video collaboration market

July 11, 2019 | Led by: Prachi Nema, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Communications

Led by: Prachi Nema, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Communications


Video conferencing experiences are getting better each day with the availability of high definition cameras, codecs, and AI-enabled solutions. But ultimately, visual collaboration tools need high bandwidth to deliver a satisfactory experience, and that bandwidth has relegated its use primarily to wireless networks. The advent of 5G technology will significantly increase the performance of cellular networks, finally making it feasible to deliver rich collaboration experiences anywhere.

As networks transition to 5G, we expect new use cases to emerge that take advantage of these new capabilities, such as incidence management in public safety, remote troubleshooting in manufacturing, and mobile diagnostics in healthcare. We also expect new types of customer terminals and devices to appear on the market that will further enhance the user experience, including smart glasses and portable 4K cameras enabling visual, haptic, and augmented collaboration from almost everywhere. This webinar will explore the role and impact of 5G in visual collaboration, including technology choices, deployment timelines, and emerging use cases.


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