WEBINAR - Automating networks with intent, AI, and machine learning

Led by: Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Executive Director , Research & Analysis

Led by: Cliff Grossner, PhD, Senior Research Director & Advisor, Cloud & Data Center Research Practice


Automation is essential to enable very large-scale and agile networks that can be dynamically reconfigured to meet the ever-changing workload demands that we expect with IoT, autonomous vehicles, and enhanced edge applications providing immersive experiences. Unfortunately, today’s networks are often programmed manually, using primitive instructions that shed little light on the design and network architect’s intent in choosing a particular design, and leaving key knowledge unavailable for network automation. In contrast, the new model of intent-driven networking requires that the network architect describe what is needed, with network management software translating those requirements into a design. As changes are needed, the original policy specifying requirements can automatically be used by orchestration platforms to derive a new design or validate changes to an existing design. This webinar explores the techniques and architectures behind intent-driven networks and provides use cases for their deployment.


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