WEBINAR - Integrating DDoS mitigation into your overall security architecture

Led by: Jeff Wilson, Research Director, Cybersecurity Technology

Led by: Jeff Wilson, Senior Research Director, Cybersecurity Technology


Since the inception of commercial DDoS mitigation technology in the early 2000s, it has largely operated separate from the greater threat mitigation infrastructure. The growth in number, size, and complexity of attacks, as well as the trend of DDoS attacks being used as a diversion for targeted attacks, means that companies deploying DDoS mitigation need to take a serious look at how it integrates with the rest of the threat mitigation infrastructure. From threat intelligence sharing to event analysis, blocking, and remediation, the task of full integration warrants a close, careful look. This webinar will detail the integration process steps for DDoS mitigation, including how to integrate existing tools for host, network, and content security; how to evaluate next-gen tools; and how to identify blended attacks.


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