WEBINAR - Security and the connected car: minimizing vulnerabilities

Led by: Colin Bird, Senior Analyst, Automotive Technology
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Led by: Colin Bird, Senior Analyst, Automotive Technology

Presented by: IHS Markit Technology Group and Synopsys



Automakers are offering greater connectivity features in new vehicles to improve safety and the driving experience and to open up new monetization and business opportunities. That increase in connectivity creates a large potential attack surface that may be lucrative for hackers. Most major automakers have already been hacked, mostly by benevolent researchers known as “white hat” hackers. Software and hardware security failures have the potential to cause a broader range of problems and be more costly to fix and more damaging to the automaker’s brand than mechanical failures, especially as we move to software-driven vehicles.

OEMs, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers must adopt new techniques and technologies to build security into automotive software and systems.  

In this webinar, IHS Markit and Synopsys will explain the growing automotive security market. A range of techniques for building in security at the most fundamental levels will be explored, from establishing a security risk management process in parallel with safety, to getting an organization to look at software and system development from an attacker’s perspective including identifying, classifying, and categorizing risk factors, to selecting security IP that enables more cost-efficient silicon design and the highest levels of security for automotive applications.

Who Should Attend

Executives, software development managers and system architects at automotive OEMs, and Tier 1 – Tier 3 automotive suppliers interested in learning more about security risks and solutions for automotive applications will benefit from this webinar. Financial analysts and the media are also encouraged to attend.

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