WEBINAR - Beyond solar inverters: the next revenue frontier for suppliers

Led by: Cormac Gilligan, Research & Analysis Manager, Solar & Energy Storage

Led by: Cormac Gilligan, Research & Analysis Manager, Solar & Energy Storage


In recent years, solar inverter suppliers have been rapidly expanding into new high-growth areas such as energy storage, O&M, and software analytics. However, as PV inverter prices are forecast to decrease for the next five years, suppliers have accelerated their focus on new emerging business units. This webinar will detail these emerging services, which focus on revenue streams that include developing energy service platforms for C&I customers; rolling out virtual power plant (VPP) capabilities; and providing homeowners with cutting edge software that maximizes their self-consumption of PV. While some of these markets are still in the initial stages, the rewards for early movers will be substantial. This webinar will also explore how companies are developing partnerships in high-growth markets as a key strategy in opening new revenue sources.


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