WEBINAR - Solving higher data requirements on 4K/8K TV design

Led by: Paul Gagnon, Executive Director, Consumer Devices
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Led by: Paul Gagnon, Executive Director, Consumer Devices

Presented by: IHS Markit and DU PONT-TORAY


Over the past two decades, many TV technologies have come and gone, but one of the most sustainable transitions revolves around resolution improvements. With the advent of HD, the flat panel TV flourished, and consumers were able to enjoy larger TVs while sitting closer to them. With 4K, the trend continues, and average size growth has been very strong, partially as a result of the quick migration from 1080p to 4K at the larger screen sizes. 4K also supports the newest picture quality enhancements like wide color gamut and HDR. Yet 8K displays are already coming to market; how might the transition be different from that of 4K TV? The larger sizes necessary for 8K limit the available target market, and it is not clear if the greatly improved picture quality can overcome that obstacle. Additionally, there is renewed discussion of higher refresh rates by broadcasters, such as 120Hz HD, which may also apply to 4K and even 8K in the future.

Along with the transition to higher resolutions such as 8K, and even high refresh rate applications, there will be increased requirements on system hardware. Higher resolutions, greater color depth, and higher refresh rates will need to be matched with system components that are able to effectively and efficiently handle these greater data requirements. The situation is further complicated by larger screen sizes and the longer component length for items like wiring material. This webinar will look at the market opportunity for these advanced displays, and ways to overcome hardware requirements.

Who Should Attend

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers at TV brands and OEM/ODEM manufacturers, component sourcing, and component suppliers.

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