WEBINAR - Data centers: “Prosumers” of the future?

May 2, 2019 | Led by: Lucas Beran, Senior Analyst, Data Center Physical Infrastructure

Led by: Lucas Beran, Senior Analyst, Data Center Physical Infrastructure


Data centers continue to consume a significant amount of electricity, while power grid infrastructure ages and struggles with increasing overall demand, especially at peak times. Yet these same data centers are often designed to handle power outages, with energy storage and power generation on site in the form of vast battery rooms and multiple generators. With that energy footprint often in the idle position, could data centers flip the switch to become “prosumers”—producers and consumers of power? How will the adoption of lithium-ion batteries and on-site renewables impact this shift? This webinar will explore the future of data centers in terms of power generation, energy storage, and their overall impact on the grid.


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