WEBINAR - Who owns the home network in the IoT age?

Led by: John Kendall, Principal Analyst, Service Provider Technology
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Led by: John Kendall, Principal Analyst, Service Provider Technology

Presented by IHS Markit Technology Group and Calix Networks


As ISPs increasingly offer higher bandwidth services, the bottleneck in broadband has shifted from the last mile to the home network itself. This webinar will explore the customer premises, focusing not only on solutions available today but also providing a glimpse into the future. The webinar will speak to the importance of operator-provided mesh Wi-Fi in the home network to better position against consumer-grade wireless access points. The session will also detail a vision of future customer premises by exploring the Internet of Things (IoT), and sharing solutions that deliver more advanced services and drive increased average revenue per user (ARPU). This webinar will also share the importance of non-Wi-Fi solutions for the IoT such as low-power wireless technologies, and how they will take shape in the home network.

Who Should Attend

Broadband service providers, both in the cable and telco space, especially targeted to those in product marketing, customer care, customer service, CMO, CTO, with a global focus.


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