WEBINAR - Exposing the cost-tradeoffs of cloud-native NFV

Led by: Michael Howard, Senior Research Director and Advisor, Carrier Networks

Led by: Michael Howard, Senior Research Director and Advisor, Carrier Networks


In NFV the long view of operators is for as many network functions currently residing in purpose-built hardware to be moved to software running in a “cloud” environment on commercial servers. The plan is to enable service agility, innovation, and differentiation. Cloud-native is a natural progression of each step, one more optimized than the previous —going from hardware network function to software-only virtualized network functions (VNFs).
The steps are:
1. an initial move of hardware/software functions to a monolithic software code
2. the separation of control plane functions from the data/user plane
3. splitting user plane functions into major elements
4. full cloud-native

Full cloud-native includes:
• disaggregation or decomposition of user functions into micro-services
• stateless or state-efficient execution
• cloud open model for servers or VMs or containers
• agility to create new services
• continuous delivery or DevOps.

This webinar will cover operator plans and deployments, experiments in the field, cost trade-offs involved, and lessons learned from leading field trials.


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