WEBINAR - Virtualization: Transforming broadband access business with software

Led by: John Kendall, Principal Analyst, Service Provider Technology
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Led by: John Kendall, Principal Analyst, Service Provider Technology

Presented by IHS Markit Technology Group and Calix Networks


The broadband access network has evolved from a collection of traditional connection-oriented nodes into a subscriber-centric architecture that stretches from the data center to the consumer’s wireless devices. Until recently, silicon was the engine of innovation and new services were predicated upon the availability of next-gen chipsets. However, today, innovation is driven by the software platforms that ride on top of the hardware, abstracted from the three main physical technology platforms: cable, DSL, and fiber. As network architecture evolves, there is increased focus on network software solutions that enable more advanced services on those platforms. This webinar will explore what those software solutions look like and their potential to transform network architecture.

Forward-thinking service providers will thrive in this new era of software platforms that provide the agility of a cloud provider and the efficiency of a data center. From content distribution to the IoT-enabled smart home, software platforms are delivering dramatic operational efficiencies, capital cost reductions, and new revenue opportunities.

Who Should Attend

Global broadband service providers, both in the cable and telco space; specifically, people with titles such as product marketing, network architect, technology strategy, CTO, IP architect, and network operations.


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