WEBINAR - Digital Transformation Drives New Appliance Architectures

January 26, 2017 | Led by: Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Research Director, Data Center, Cloud and SDN
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Led by: Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Research Director, Data Center, Cloud and SDN

Presented by: IHS Markit Technology and Dell EMC


Digital transformation is driving new requirements for appliance-based solutions. This radical market transformation is pushing manufacturers to add sensors and software analytics to their solutions to extract incremental value while pressuring them to offer flexible deployment options for their customers.

While traditional bare metal approaches are still appropriate, new application-delivery models require greater agility, automation and the capability to decompose and provide more targeted services that can be delivered on/off premises or in a hybrid model. Together with advances in computing and storage technologies such as NVMe and Flash, additional appliance architectures are projected to come about as a result.
This webinar will explore new appliance architectures that are emerging to meet application delivery requirements for digital transformation, providing example use cases as well as guidelines for choosing the optimal context best served with each appliance architecture.

Who Should Attend

Appliance-based solution providers, CTOs, product managers, product marketers and product engineers. Financial analysts and the media are also encouraged to attend.

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