IHS is the world’s leading source for research, analysis, and strategic guidance in the technology, media, and telecommunications industries.

What We Can Help With

Strategy, Planning, & Analysis

With a reputation for detailed coverage and realistic forecasts, business intelligence from IHS enables leading companies to reduce costs, optimize investments, and dominate markets.

Competitive Benchmarking

IHS continually tracks pricing, market performance, and best practices across the entire technology value chain, from raw materials through end-consumer experience.

Product Design

Proprietary data and advanced modeling from IHS support product innovation in all realms, whether components, hardware, content, or services.

Materials & Manufacturing

IHS maintains the world’s most extensive database of electronic components and displays and provides ongoing coverage of manufacturing CAPEX, factory production, supply, demand, and inventory.

How We Can Help


Subscription Services

Comprehensive data, exacting forecasts, market insights, and analyst presentations, frequently updated throughout the year.

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DRAM Intelligence Service

This service, combining strategic analysis and real-time forecasts for units, average selling prices, and revenue, provides clients with the insight covering all the key aspects of the DRAM market.

Media Managed Services Intelligence Service

This Service provides detailed information on the transport, processing and storage, sharing and recovery (SSR) business to business services used by the media industry to deliver content to viewers, including research on transportation infrastructure for satellites, terrestrial and fibre networks, POPs and CDNs.


Research Reports

Deep investigations of specific technologies, market opportunities, and companies.


Equipment Teardowns

The most precise analysis of the design, manufacturing, and cost of electronic equipment available anywhere.

Analytical Tools

Custom Research & Consulting

Supporting mission-critical decisions at all levels with the organization, spanning R&D, operations, sales and marketing, strategic planning, and M&A.