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Providing the complete picture of the global channel and programming content industry with detailed market sizing metrics including revenues for TV channels and online services at worldwide and country levels, segmented by advertising revenues, public funding, carriage fees and direct-to-consumer subscriptions.

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Providing the complete picture of the global channel and programming content industry

The Channels & Programming Intelligence Service is built on a ground-up methodology, enabling users to analyse both groups and national markets. Company coverage includes more than 40 groups operating on an international basis as well as national players. All business models  are covered so that we include public broadcasters, advertising-funded channels, premium and cable channels and online platforms. 

Annual revenues are segmented into advertising, subscription (including carriage fees and direct-to-consumer revenue) and public sources (mainly receiver fees and government grants). Also provided is annual investment on programming, segmented into original production, acquired programming and sport.

Analysts also track new agreements for sports, movie and TV rights between platforms and rights holders on a continuing basis, published in a downloadable pivot table.

This service provides accurate, continuously updated market data, forecasts based on a thorough knowledge of historic and current statistics, commentaries on relevant development, and topical reports that will bring you a deeper perspective on the landscape. Additionally, the service offers you direct access to analysts with an in-depth understanding of channels and programming in order to answer your questions.

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