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Global coverage of the major trends in digitalisation affecting the power transmission and distribution grid. Brand new research from IHS Markit explores the rising importance of software and services from vendors to utilities, including the changing business models as the market increasingly moves towards outcome-based solutions and data-driven management. This service aims to show the future direction for all industry stakeholders as the next generation utility takes shape.

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IHS Markit is creating a global vision of the transformational technology changes across the T&D industry, starting with the many aspects of digitalisation. 

Published in early 2018, the “Electric Grid Managed Services Report – 2018” is the first deliverable with brand new analysis and in-depth insight report into the electric utility adoption of AMI-related software and services.  The study includes regional forecast data for key vendor offerings and also includes discussion of the evolving business models involved, such as Outcomes as a Service and shared benefit schemes.  Later in 2018, the focus shifts to distribution grid management software and services, with the publication of the “Smart Grid Communication and Control Systems Report – 2018”.  This study will analyse the Industrial IoT platforms and cloud-based solutions have the potential to revolutionize the smart grid of the future.

As this service develops, clients will have the opportunity to scope the future direction of research, such as regional grid analysis and hardware equipment databases, covering products such as transformers, substations and switchgear.  Combining the best analysis, insights and datapoints from around IHS Markit Energy, Economic Country & Risk and Technology, along with the potential to conduct in-depth country specific research and company interviews, IHS Markit is uniquely positioned to bring unrivalled depth and quality to the research.  2018 offers the opportunity to become part of the creation of this new toolset as a brand new service is formed, helping to answer key industry questions such as:

  • How is digitalisation bringing new opportunity for vendors with electric utilities?
  • Which regions will be the earliest adopters of new technologies and what will be the main drivers?
  • When will utilities make the shift towards 'as a Service' managed solutions?

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