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Video UX Technology allows vendors, media companies, institutional investors, and strategic investors to benchmark competitor activity, track the flow capital in the market, and understand where value-creation is taking place across front-end and UX-related technologies.

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Insight into the markets for frontend, user-experience, and monetization technologies.

Video UX Technology is conceived around the truism that value in the video solutions market no longer revolves around hardware. Two macro forces are at work in the media ecosystem. First, single-purpose hardware solutions are ceding ground to cloud implementations, SaaS products, a wide gamut of business models, and the decoupling of software from dedicated computational resources. Second, audiences are allocating consumption hours and spend - both of which are relatively fixed - to a growing tapestry of media outlets and micro services. 

This atomization of media distribution, coupled with fundamental changes in the way that video technology is bought and sold, is generating hedging and uncertainty in the market. This Service elps vendors, media, and investors to: dissect the competitive landscape; identify technology whitespaces in the market; understand the evolution of buyer needs; examine business model best-practices; examine cutting-edge UX deployments; maintain awareness of advanced technology trends; understand the technology relationships that major media companies cultivate; understand where technology value is being created; perform basic due-diligence; identify potential M&A targets; create long-term product strategies.

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