Access Control Intelligence Service - Annual

Primary analysis on the equipment market encompassing readers, panels, credentials, software and electronic locks, with additional analysis on wireless devices, open standards and protocols, and project size.

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Entering its third full year, the IHS Markit Access Control Intelligence Service is taking analysis to another level. This year IHS Markit will provide not only its primary analysis on the equipment market (readers, panels, credentials, software and electronic locks) but will also be providing additional analysis on wireless devices, open standards and protocols, project size among many other analyst insights available only to subscribers.

Topical reports will include big data, mobile credentials/ identities, hospitality/ resorts, route to market with a primary focus on integrators as well as our continued select country analysis. Furthermore, IHS TRAX now offers the ability to filter units and average selling price (ASP) by product type. Previously, only revenues were available for filtering.

Overall, IHS’s access control intelligence service is no longer primary equipment driven. The access control intelligence service looks to provide ecosystem analysis and identify new growth opportunities for industry participants.

Intelligence Summaries
This qualitative analysis covers the Americas, EMEA, Asia (except China) and China markets. Included are product trends and analyst assumptions on market growths and key areas to target in the coming years. In addition, to product, end-user and country analysis, the text also includes detailed economic and construction data.

Database Files
More than 200 tables and figures which include revenues ($M), units and ASP. Included in the Excel files for each region are more than 60 combined products, end-users and countries. Also included are 15 market share tables per region.

IHS’s online database tool allows you to easily manipulate the data to suit your specific needs. All data that is provided in TRAX is also provided in the Excel file documents but TRAX provides additional features with the click of a button such as % change YOY, rank order, % of total and exchange rate options. Users are also able to export filtered selections into an Excel document.



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