Smartphone Intelligence Service - Premium

In-depth analysis and historic data and market forecasts for the smartphone market globally and by country. Smartphone Intelligence Service - Premium delivers detailed data on smartphone shipments by OEM as well the active installed base of smartphones by feature, down to model level. The reports in this service provide actionable recommendations based on these unique data sets.

Also included are insights and analysis on topics such as augmented/mixed reality (AR/VR/MR), 5G, gigabit LTE, machine learning and AI in smartphones, and voice assistants.

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Service Coverage

Smartphone Intelligence Service - Premium offers country-level data for the following markets:

Asia Pacific excluding China; China; North America; South and Central America; Western Europe; Central and Eastern Europe; Middle East and Africa

Asia Pacific excluding China
Australia; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; New Zealand; Pakistan; Philippines; Singapore; South Korea; Taiwan; Thailand; Vietnam


North America
Canada; USA

South and Central America
Argentina; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Mexico; Peru; Uruguay; Venezuela

Western Europe
Austria; Belgium; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Italy; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; UK

Central and Eastern Europe
Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Poland; Romania; Russia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Turkey; Ukraine

Middle East and Africa
Algeria; Egypt; Iran; Israel; Kenya; Morocco; Saudi Arabia; South Africa; Tunisia; UAE

Note: The Active Installed Database uses a different regional classification. China is included in APAC region and Mexico is included in the North America region.


IHS Markit smartphone research is different.

We deliver comprehensive smartphone data, down to specific models and component categories, collecting more than 4 billion data points per month on smartphones in use around the world and country-level data for 73 countries worldwide, providing you with the detailed insight and data you need on the rapidly evolving global smartphone industry.


The Smartphone Intelligence Service - Premium provides:

  1. Concise analytical topical reports and country-level data for 73 countries worldwide:
  • Smartphone Market Tracker
  • China Smartphone market report, biannual
  • Approximately 10 detailed reports per year
  1. Insights on key industry events:
  • Analysis of new flagship smartphones, partnerships, operator packaging, or OEM company results
  1. Market data in Excel, for easy data manipulation:
  • Smartphone Shipment Database - by country and OEM
  • Smartphone Model Database – global, by feature and key component SKU
  • Active Installed Base Databases – monthly data showing model- and feature-level adoption by country
  • Design Forecast Tool – projections of shipments and features by key OEM
  • Smartphone Electronics Design Database - handset shipments by standard, key features, region, factory ASPs and revenues, smartphone tier, and associated semiconductor content revenues
  • Mobile Phones & Electronics Market Tracker: China - covering China's handset supply chain, ranging from semiconductor vendors to mobile phone OEMs and carriers
  • Handset Specification Database
  1. Analyst inquiry access by phone and email
Our unique research methodology, depth and breadth of research makes us different:

By-model analysis as standard: Detailed worldwide shipment data and country-level active installed base data on individual smartphone models and features, as well as OEM brands and operating systems.

Unique sources: IHS Markit smartphone research is based on innovative sources, including data on actual usage of smartphone models in numerous countries, supported by four billion data points gathered each month.

Strong mobile foundations: Research draws on the expertise of numerous other IHS Markit analyst teams to provide a comprehensive view of the smartphone market, including: displays, Semiconductors, mems and sensors, health, mobile media, and games.

A unique metric of Smartphone Intelligence Service - Premium is the provision of detailed monthly active installed base data by model, country and feature/capability/component. As part of the active installed base data, the following is presented by country:

  • Smartphone model – top 20 models by country and top 400 models by OEM by country
  • OEM – complete brand coverage
  • Display – screen size; PPI; resolution
  • Fingerprint sensor; barometer; NFC; gyroscope
  • Audio codecs; video codecs
  • RAM; storage; SD card slot
  • OS; browser;  Android version
  • Dual/single/triple SIM; SIM type
  • IP rating; battery capacity
  • Rear camera MP; OIS; front camera MP
  • Application processor; SoC designer; SoC model; GPU designer; GPU model
  • Location; Beidou; Glonass; GPS; Galileo
  • Air interface; network type

Smartphone Intelligence Service - Premium provides you with a complete 360 analysis of the global smartphone market.

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