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The Smart Manufacturing Intelligence Service - Annual will provide news, commentary and analyst insight to ensure that you can easily keep abreast of developments as they happen. It will offer a one-stop information source that filters reality from all the hype, and offers an unbiased and realistic view of the implications for different industry stakeholders.

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Smart manufacturing is the next industrial revolution. These terms embrace a multitude of technologies and ideas, including the industrial internet of things, cyber-security, big data, pervasive sensing, industrial communications, ‘the cloud’ and operator mobility. Industry has been discussing and experimenting with some of these topics for a number of years, with the dream of intelligent systems, all-encompassing and uninhibited communication, and a fully integrated value chain. This isn’t suddenly going to happen tomorrow so what do we, the industry, need to do to accelerate time to market, reduce costs, raise quality, lower energy consumption and increase customization?

The Smart Manufacturing Intelligence Service - Annual will provide news, commentary and analyst insight to ensure that you can easily keep abreast of developments as they happen.  The service will be complemented by a number of short reports, providing additional detail and insight to mobility, the cloud and the internet of things, and how each will help to drive the factory of the future.  Learn about the risks of adopting new technologies that enable smart manufacturing to be a reality and understand the steps necessary to create a fully smart operation.  


Major components of this service include:

1) Quarterly Magazine Style Reports

2) Analyst Monthly Insights

3) Factory of the Future Database

4) "Factory of the Future" Report Series (described below)


Factory of the Future - Internet of Things Report – 2015

The term internet of things is on the lips of every major automation supplier and end user. But what exactly are the opportunities surrounding the internet of things (or IoT)? What does the vendor landscape for IoT look like? And which vendors have the most defined strategy for IoT today? This IHS Industrial short report will answer these questions, and more, and provide the reader with the current state of the industrial internet of things today and how it could change in future.

Factory of the Future Series- Digitization Report – 2015

Cloud based services have become ubiquitous in the consumer and enterprise world, and are likely to revolutionise manufacturing/ process automation as well. This IHS Industrial short report will look at how end users are using the cloud today, as well as evaluate what applications end users will use in the future. Finally, the report will discuss the implications of this trend for traditional automation suppliers.

Factory of the Future Series- Industrial App Report – 2015

The app market has revolutionized the consumer electronics world but the industrial market has lagged behind, despite the many compelling benefits of industrial apps. This report will examine the nascent industrial app market to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state and future direction of the market. Key questions answered include: To what extent are industrial apps disruptive to conventional business models and products? Which vendors are the most successful today? Can vendors successfully monetize their apps? What platforms provide the largest opportunity for apps today and in the future?




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