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The Industrial IoT Intelligence Service delivers quarterly reports with detailed analysis of key trends and supplier activity in addition to monthly newsletters highlighting key developments and the Factory of the Future series of reports.

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Smart manufacturing is the next industrial revolution. These terms embrace a multitude of technologies and ideas, including the industrial internet of things, cyber-security, big data, pervasive sensing, industrial communications, ‘the cloud’ and operator mobility. Industry has been discussing and experimenting with some of these topics for a number of years, with the dream of intelligent systems, all-encompassing and uninhibited communication, and a fully integrated value chain. This isn’t suddenly going to happen tomorrow so what do we, the industry, need to do to accelerate time to market, reduce costs, raise quality, lower energy consumption and increase customization?

The Industrial IoT Intelligence Service will provide news, commentary and analyst insight to ensure that you can easily keep abreast of developments as they happen.  The service will be complemented by a number of short reports, providing additional detail and insight to mobility, the cloud and the internet of things, and how each will help to drive the factory of the future.  Learn about the risks of adopting new technologies that enable smart manufacturing to be a reality and understand the steps necessary to create a fully smart operation.  

There are four main elements to the service:

  • Machine Connectivity - This will size the total installed base of machinery worldwide and investigate the proportion of machines that are connected, how they are connected, and what they’re connected to (i.e. Machine to Machine, Machine to Enterprise, or Machine to Cloud), forecasts will also show how and where connectivity is growing, This data provides fundamental indicators to support understanding the total available market for machinery related services, and opportunities by industry and region.


  • End-user analysis – looks at end-users perspectives on how and where smart manufacturing technologies will be used in their organisations (with a particular focus on the use of the Cloud and analytics in manufacturing). This is also reviewed by type of company (by size, region, and industry), to understand how needs and preferences differ.


  • Competitive Environment analysis – this will include Scorecards reviewing leaders (and followers) for IIoT, along with detailed profiles and commentary on M&A and partnership activity.


  • Case studies – Over the year, case studies will be developed across a range of industry sectors to provide insight into how projects how been rolled out, the challenges faced and how these were overcome, the RoI achieved, and best practice learnt from implementation of projects. These studies will also look at the types of investments that have been needed to support projects, as well reviewing how companies have built out on early projects to service other applications and parts of the business.


The service also gives subscribers regular access to analysts to discuss the latest findings from the research, and to gain our perspectives on how the industry is evolving – this can be to support existing users of the research or to provide briefings to Senior Executives.

For more details on the service, or to arrange a briefing with our analyst team, please contact Alex West –



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