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Delivering essential information on the market for traditional inverters, microinverters, and power optimizers. Market trackers and reports cover supplier market share, shipments, revenues, pricing, policies, and demand for over 20 countries enabling comprehensive visibility into the global PV inverter market.

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Key insights, data and analysis on the rapidly changing global solar inverter market.

The PV Inverter Intelligence Service provides comprehensive research on the global PV inverter market in one single subscription package. Providing comprehensive, detailed and accurate data and insights into the market for traditional inverters, as well as microinverters and power optimizers. Core market trackers provide comprehensive analysis of supply and demand dynamics for the global PV inverter market with topical reports and market briefs providing detailed analysis on hot topics and major market shifts.

The PV Inverter Intelligence Service provides answers to key industry questions, including:

  • Which markets three-phase string inverters will gain traction in utility-scale installations?
  • How quickly will module level power electronics (MLPE) penetrate new markets and system types?
  • What will be the most shipped power ratings for both grid-connected inverters in the next five years and which suppliers will benefit the most?

2018 Planned Enhancements:

  • Adding Data Visualisation 


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