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The TV Systems Intelligence service provides global coverage and tracking of systems related to television production and consumption, including analysis, reports, and market trackers.

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Netflix goes Ultra High Definition

Netflix has started streaming content in Ultra HD (UHD), branded as Ultra HD 4K. UHD is approximately 4 times the resolution of Full HD. Netflix is streaming UHD content as its highest bandwidth profile at 15.6 Mbps, referenced on Netflix’s in-app player as 2160 HD. UHD streaming has currently only been rolled out for House of Cards season two. The video stream is compressed using next generation h.265/HEVC, therefore requiring both an HEVC decoder, as well as an updated version of Netflix’s client player. Netflix UHD clients are already embedded on UHD TVs offered by LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio.

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Roku announces new HDMI Streaming Stick

On March 5, 2014 Roku announced the HDMI version of its Roku Streaming Stick, priced at $49.99. The Streaming Stick, while functionally identical to Roku’s OTT set-tops, is offered in the diminutive form of a dongle, and until now, has relied exclusively on the MHL interface to connect to a TV set. This new device is commercially available in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland.

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Samsung and LG explore alternative AMOLED strategies

The move by Samsung Display and LG Display to explore other avenues for AMOLED use comes at a time when the panels, delivering high contrast ratios and superior images, may have hit a wall in the smartphone space. Performance has been lower than expected for some flagship smartphone models in the high-end segment, where AMOLED panels are used in the largest volume, and the panel market has suffered as a result.

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Philips to sell remaining 30 per cent stake in TP Vision to TPV Technology

Philips has announced the sale of their remaining stake in their joint venture TP Vision to their venture partners TPV Technology, thereby transferring to them complete ownership of TP Vision. A term sheet has...

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Roku launches Roku TV

Roku is set to release its first Smart TV sets, in partnership with Chinese TV set manufacturers TCL and Hisense. The Roku TV represents the tight marriage of display hardware, and a natively-integrated, 3rd...

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Robust Growth in August Recorded for Global Flat-Panel TV Market

The worldwide market for flat-panel-display televisions (FPD TV) grew in the double digits during August, powered by rising shipments from Chinese manufacturers for that country’s important mid-autumn festival, according to a new report from the TV Systems Intelligence service from IHS Inc. Global shipments of flat-panel-display televisions jumped 21 percent in August from a month earlier to reach 17.9 million units, comprising 17.1 million liquid-crystal display televisions (LCD TV) and 803,000 plasma sets.

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Panasonic will end Plasma panel production by December 2013.

Panasonic has confirmed in an investor relations press release that it will be ending production of plasma display panels (PDPs) in December 2013.  Furthermore, the company will discontinue sales of all...

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Loewe cleared to undergo administered insolvency

The German TV maker Loewe has received court approval to undergo an administered insolvency process. This will allow the company to administer its own restructuring while maintaining direct contact with...

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Toshiba to cut 2 TV Plants and 2,000 Overseas Jobs by end of Financial Year 2014

Toshiba is consolidating its TV production and will shut down 2 of its 3 overseas production facilities by March 2014. The Japanese company currently operates plants overseas in Indonesia, China and Poland....

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China's Energy-efficient subsidy expires

The Chinese government's subsidy program for energy-efficient home appliances, initially enacted on 1st June 2012, expired after 1 year on 1st June 2013. According to the Chinese Finance Ministry, this...

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