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Detailed, in-depth coverage of the US home entertainment market and its globally influential trends. Also includes key US video market data and forecasts on spending, revenue and sales, accompanying critical analyst insights and reports.

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IHS Markit has been covering the home video business, as part of the greater screen entertainment industry, since 1971 when the concept of affordable home video first emerged.
Over that time we have build up an extensive statistical database, and have become the pre-eminent source of information on the global industry.

The Video Media Intelligence Service combines advanced forecasts with expert commentary to offer you the means to a comprehensive understanding of the consumer and distributor level market for physical video discs and hardware. 

Used by all major Hollywood studios and the largest independent distributors, this service offers you a wealth of spending, revenue, unit sales data and forecasts, focused analyst insights on market trends and events, and highly relevant, expert reports on the business landscape surrounding physical video media, household video players & recorders, and music. Additionally, in order to grow and customize your perspectives on the market, you’ll gain direct access to a team of analysts with industry experience dating from the beginning of the home video era. 

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