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Amazon’s Fire TV: suddenly, the streaming box market is a 3-way race

Fire TV, Amazon’s latest hardware venture and $99, Android-based over-the-top set-top box, is now shipping. Intended to compete against standalone devices from segment leaders Apple and Roku, Amazon’s device contains a robust hardware set, including a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, dedicated GPU, dual-band MIMO Wi-Fi, and voice-enabled remote control.

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Kudelski to increase market share with Conax acquisition

Kudelski, the parent company of Swiss Conditional Access and TV software company Nagravision, is to acquire Conax, the conditional access business of Nordic telecoms and broadcasting company Telenor. Kudelski will pay NOK 1,509M, approximately USD 226M, for Conax and expects to complete the deal within 10 days of announcing the acquisition. This values Conax at 2.4 times its 2013 revenue.

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Harris Broadcast splits into Imagine Communications and GatesAir

Professional broadcast equipment provider Harris Broadcast will divide into two brand new corporate entities, Imagine Communications and GatesAir. Imagine Communications will provide solutions for delivering and monetizing multiscreen content while GatesAir will focus on TV and radio over-the-air market.

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News - MWC: Hisense Releases Phablet with Set-top-box Functionality

At MWC, Hisense introduced the MAXE X1 smartphone. After previewing the device at CES, the X1 is now scheduled for availability in March or April. The device features a 6.8 inch HD screen and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz processor. Additionally, the device can connect to 4G networks and features a 13 megapixel camera on the rear of the device. The X1 will be released with Android 4.4 KitKat and features Dolby 5.1 virtual surround sound as well as two front facing speakers.

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TiVo to acquire Digitalsmiths

Set-top box (STB) and middleware vendor TiVo is to acquire Digitalsmiths, a search and recommendation engine company for $135m in cash, in a transaction expected to be completed during Q1 of 2015. The acquisition is likely to serve several strategic purposes for TiVo...

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Aereo barred from operating in six states in US Midwest

The future is not today, at least for potential subscribers in six Mid-Western states of Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The 19 February verdict in favour of broadcasters had its roots in a case which launched last October...

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Verizon to acquire Intel Media

Verizon, the US telco, has announced its intention to purchase the assets of Intel Media, the chip giant's as yet unlaunched over the top (OTT) pay TV platform, branded OnCue, for an undisclosed amount.

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Roku launches Roku TV

Roku is set to release its first Smart TV sets, in partnership with Chinese TV set manufacturers TCL and Hisense. The Roku TV represents the tight marriage of display hardware, and a natively-integrated, 3rd...

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Technology and content mark successes and failures for cable operator

The top two cable operators, Comcast and Time Warner Cable (TWC), have reported their Q4 subscriber results, weeks before they are due to report full Q4 results. Speaking from two very different positions...

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ABC to restrict next-day catch-up viewing

Broadcaster ABC will restrict next-day catch-up viewing to cable or Hulu Plus subscribers from 6 January 2014. To view the episodes without subscription, viewers will have to wait eight days. ABC has teamed up...

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