SSD and HDD Storage Intelligence Service

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Full reportage on the storage market for both component vendors and users of storage devices by examining the significant trends and technologies impacting the industry. Analysis provided on all disk drives, including hard disk drives (HDD), optical disk drive (ODD) and solid-state drives (SSD).

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This service delivers complete and detailed insight and analysis on the storage industry for both the supply and demand side. Market size (unit shipments, revenue), ASP and market shares are tracked across three vertical markets, with forecasts extending to 2021.

Clients utilize the storage systems research for making key decisions and developing future strategies. The analysis allows companies to determine if new technologies will create disruptions, problems, or opportunities within the supply chain. Timely analysts insights into macro economy, technology transfer and consolidation within the industry is imperative for risk management and business planning.

Whether you are looking to grow your market share or optimize your business strategies, IHS Markit offers reliable and detailed analysis to help you make accurate and timely decisions for your business.

Planned 2018 enhancements

  • Addition of SSD units by density (in quarterly forecast) 
  • Long-term pricing forecasts for SSD and HDD

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