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MENA Media and Telecoms Intelligence offers a selection of key metrics for understanding this fast growing region spanning the Gulf, the Levant and North Africa. It includes core data, forecasts and analyses for mobile, pay TV, and broadband in 13 countries.

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Focused intelligence on Media and Telecoms in the Arabic Middle East and Africa

IHS MENA Media & Telecoms Intelligence Service offers clients an extensive examination of this high-growth region, and provides an in-depth insight and analysis of each country's unique market dynamics, taking into account distinctive economic and cultural characteristics. This service provides accurate, continuously updated market data, forecasts and reports bringing clients deep perspective on the landscape, including insights into the key players, profiles of each country’s’ market traits and trends, and both current and historical data of key market metrics, including subscribers, revenues, and ARPU. Additionally, the service offers direct access to expert analysts in order to answer clients’ unique questions. 


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