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Complete and up-to-date market data, information and analysis on the global interactive leisure software marketplace. Coverage includes well-established games markets such as consoles and handhelds, digital games and subscription services, as well as emerging areas including eSports and virtual reality. Also provides extensive visibility into the Asia games markets.

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Comprehensive, continuously updated intelligence on the Games sector

IHS Games Intelligence Service offers extensive data and analysis of the evolving world of games media and hardware. Developed and maintained by an experienced team of globally positioned analysts, this service provides accurate, continuously updated market data, forecasts and reports that give our clients deep perspective on the global games sector, its growth drivers, and its key players. The service provides extensive coverage of well-established games markets - games consoles and handhelds - as well as burgeoning digital games segments - multiplayer online games, subscription services, social network games, download and on-demand games. 

2018 Planned Enhancements:

  • New country coverage: Taiwan market report
  • New country coverage: South Korea market data
  • Updated data: Market reviews and updates to key datasets
  • New analysis: Augmented reality emerging opportunity analysis
  • New reports: Quarterly China and South Korea publisher reports
  • New reports: Quarterly console hardware sales reports 

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