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The Cinema Intelligence service provides executives an extensive view of data and trends of both conventional and digital cinema, worldwide.

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IMAX is to sell 20 per cent of its IMAX China stake to two local firms

IMAX China is to sell 20 per cent of its shares to two Chinese investment firms. IMAX hopes to further optimise its business in China with the two local partners and expand their business range to home entertainment sector.

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Ymagis acquires cinema assets of Arqiva in Europe

The development consolidates satellite distribution to cinemas in Europe down to two main players.

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Laser makes its first appearance in cinemas: different strategies apply

Laser-illuminated projection has begun its move into cinemas, albeit in a small way, but with enough industry backing to make it a credible solution for the future of cinema exhibition. It solves light levels for 3D viewing and also flips the economics of projection on its head: a high cost of acquisition but lower cost of ownership. There are dual strategies at play by the projector companies, either high power laser illumination for larger screens or a single laser (with phosphor) for smaller screens, and a resulting lower entry price. A group of pioneers are ready to test the waters and this update explains who, how and why.

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DCDC forges ahead as primary digital delivery network for cinemas in North America

DCDC has emerged as the primary cinema focused delivery network in North America after having gone live earlier in October 2013.

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GDC agrees digital cinema conversion deals in CinemaCon

GDC expands its footprint in Latin America and Asia with a number of digital rollout deals in CinemaCon

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Exhibitors post higher admissions revenue from US cinemas in 2013 financial results

Although considered a mature exhibition market, both Carmike and Reading International reported overall cinema revenue growth for the US market in full year 2013, driven by both higher admissions and ticket price inflation.

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Dolby to acquire Doremi: IHS analysis

In our analysis, this acquisition is mainly about consumer audio and lining up to remain the major player in audio licensing to the home and mobile devices.

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Pan-European exhibitor Kinepolis increases average revenue per visitor in 2013

Despite the larger decline in the group's core business, total revenue fell by just 3.3 per cent as improved operational efficiency and higher revenue per patron helped mitigate the drop in admissions.

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Consumers spend $57bn on Digital Games, Movies, and Apps - IHS & App Annie Digital Content Report

IHS Technology is partnering with app industry analytics specialists App Annie to produce a report analysing trends in the digital games, movies, music, and apps industries globally and in seven key countries: USA, UK, Japan, South Korea, Japan, Russia, France and Germany. Overall digital games, movies, and app spend was up 30% in 2013 reaching $57bn globally.

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New regulations from SAPPRFT to stamp out ‘Box Office Stealing’ in China

New regulation has been announced to address the disordered cinema ticketing system in China. ‘Box Office Stealing’ has long existed in the market and been at the heart of many disputes between distributors and exhibitors. The Chinese film industry will be more regulated after the new policies are adopted.

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