Connected Devices Intelligence Service

This Service (formerly called "Broadband Technology Intelligence Service") provides time-critical information on the technical aspects of the connected home, ranging from broadband access to online video distribution and domestic hardware.

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Time-critical information on the landscape and business of digital media devices and technology.

IHS Connected Devices Intelligence service provides unrivalled insight into the evolution of the connected home, and content service provider digital media strategies. Conceived around two pillars of information – devices and media distribution technology – Connected Devices datasets provide highly accurate, continuously-updated information on the audio-visual connected device landscape, and on the technology ecosystems that content service providers rely on in order to distribute online media. Supported by a global team of analysts, and covering 75 countries, the service allows any firm with a stake in digital-media-and-technology markets to understand how devices and content interdepend, and ultimately drive demand for a vast array of media distribution and consumption technologies.

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