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Understanding global trends in Low Voltage Motor Drives
Coming Soon - 15 May 2015
One stop information source on the drive supply market covering forecasts, market players, market shares and regional analysis.


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  • Kevin Schiller | January 30, 2015
    This market report includes analysis for both regenerative and low-harmonic solutions. These two product categories have distinct growth trends and applications, but both are included in this analysis because of the overlap of active front end (AFE) products used for both purposes. AFE products are...
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  • Shirly Zhu | January 16, 2015
    This report is the first dedicated study from IHS on Chinese medium voltage motors market, which provides a comprehensive and accurate portrayal of current market landscape for Chinese medium voltage motors and its future forecast through 2018. The report presents statistical analysis with detailed revenue, unit shipment and pricing analyses for medium voltage motors across all segmentations, and in-depth qualitative analysis including detailed market overview, description of the competitive environment with detailed market shares, discussions of the market trends. Furthermore, end markets are also evaluated considering its great importance to the medium voltage motors market in China.
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  • Rolando Campos | January 06, 2015
    This topline report examines Chinese market for medium-voltage (MV) motor drives. This report is part of the Medium-voltage Motor Drives Intelligence Service provided by IHS. This service includes dedicated studies that are designed to complement the group’s already extensive research portfolio...
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  • Icon Data Transformation Specialist, Rotating Machines & Controls
    Jeannine Rock is a data transformation specialist within the Industrial Automation group. Part of the Rotating Machines & Controls area, she manages the Industrial Motor Controls Sourcebook, the Motors Sourcebook, and the Industrial Automation Equipment reports.
  • Icon Senior Manager, Rotating Machines & Controls
    Jenalea Howell is a senior manager of IHS’s motor controls & switchgear group. The group’s coverage includes low voltage AC and DC motor drives, medium voltage drives, stepper systems, integrated motors, and GMC and CNC motion control including servo motors, servo drives, position control hardware, and switchgear products.
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