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Understanding global trends in Low Voltage Motor Drives
Leveraging our existing industry leading automation research, IHS is now offering highly detailed research within the mechanical components market. This Mechanical Components Database will provide detailed market insight for a set of five mechanical product groups. For this 2015 edition, the five product groups covered include couplings, mounted bearings, un-mounted bearings, brakes and clutches, and belts and chains.
One stop information source on the drive supply market covering forecasts, market players, market shares and regional analysis.


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  • Icon Data Transformation Specialist, Rotating Machines & Controls
    Jeannine Rock is a data transformation specialist within the Industrial Automation group. Part of the Rotating Machines & Controls area, she manages the Industrial Motor Controls Sourcebook, the Motors Sourcebook, and the Industrial Automation Equipment reports.
  • Icon Senior Manager, Rotating Machines & Controls
    Jenalea Howell is a Senior Manger within the Industrial Automation team focusing on Rotating Machines and Controls. Main areas of coverage for the team include motors, motor controls, mechanical power transmission, generators, and prime movers.
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