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A new one-stop information source that filters reality from all the hype and offers an unbiased view of the implications of this technology for multiple industries.
The Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) Intelligence Service will provide news, commentary and analyst insight to ensure that you can easily keep abreast of developments as they happen. It will offer a one-stop information source that filters reality from all the hype, and offers an unbiased and realistic view of the implications for different industry stakeholders.


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  • Alex Hong | March 09, 2015
    This report investigates competitive landscape of the Chinese industrial automation market. Part one provides detail on the macroeconomic environment, policy changes and key industry performance in China. Part two outlines the competitive environment.
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  • Tom Moore | February 27, 2015
    Smart manufacturing is an amalgamation of many things, including those mentioned above, so what effect is it going to have on industrial automation, the vendors and the end users of the technologies that are a part of it?
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  • Alex Chausovsky | February 24, 2015
    This report explores the impact of 3D printing technology on the automotive sector. In addition to providing an analysis of the benefits that additive manufacturing presents to the automotive industry, the report also includes an overview of Hewlett Packard's new Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology
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  • Icon Associate Director, Process Automation & Machinery
    Alex West is an associate director for the IHS Industrial, Security & Medical Technology group. With over a decade of experience, he has produced numerous syndicated and custom research projects, and consumer surveys, covering a range of electronics products.
  • Icon Senior Analyst, Machinery
    Andrew is a Senior Analyst with the IHS Industrial, Security & Medical Technology Group. He currently works on the in Industrial Automation CapEx report and the Machinery Production Yearbook as well as producing quarterly GDP numbers and economic outlook summary.
  • Icon Data Transformation Specialist, Rotating Machines & Controls
    Jeannine Rock is a data transformation specialist within the Industrial Automation group. Part of the Rotating Machines & Controls area, she manages the Industrial Motor Controls Sourcebook, the Motors Sourcebook, and the Industrial Automation Equipment reports.