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  • Edurne Zoco, Jessica Jin | October 29, 2015
    Due to rapid growth in solar installations in 2015, and forecasts for another record year for installations in 2016 IHS has flagged a potential solar wafer supply shortage throughout the entire supply chain. This concern comes despite recent announcements of large capacity expansions in diverse geographical locations from leading solar module suppliers.
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  • Isabella Ni | October 16, 2015
    On 28th September, China’s NEA (National Energy Administration) announced plans to increase the country's quota for solar PV capacity by an additional 5.3 GWac. This has been widely reported as China increasing its 2015 PV installation target.
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  • Isabella Ni | July 30, 2015
    On July 28, 2015, China's National Energy Administration (NEA) released its solar data for the first half of the year. At the end of June 2015, China had added 35.78 GW of solar capacity to the grid. Distributed PV capacity reached 5.71 GW cumulatively, while utility-scale projects reached 30.07 GW.
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The IHS Global Solar Intelligence Service provides a detailed and accurate view into the established, growth and emerging solar markets. Whether you are a new entrant in the market or looking to grow your market share, this service delivers the market intelligence and insight you need to capitalize on the dynamically growing solar market.
Analyze and access near and long-term opportunities in this fast-paced industry with unrivaled market research
Comprises all of IHS offerings on the PV module supply chain in one single subscription package. With detailed and accurate data on the photovoltaics raw material


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  • Jessica Jin, Sam Wilkinson, Wade Shafer, Ash Sharma | November 24, 2015
    IHS solar analysts produce short reports addressing the impact of new market developments, hot topics, and major announcements. These market briefs are produced throughout the year and are included in IHS Solar Intelligence Services.
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  • Cormac Gilligan | October 30, 2015
    This report is the fourth IHS survey of PV inverter customers and was conducted for PV inverter suppliers to gain knowledge and insight into the requirements and opinions of their customers.
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  • Sam Wilkinson | October 30, 2015
    This report is IHS second survey of PV module customers and was conducted for PV module suppliers to gain knowledge and insight into the requirements and opinions of their customers.
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  • Sam Wilkinson, Ash Sharma, Jessica Jin | September 11, 2015
    This tracker focuses on the markets for polysilicon, solar wafers, PV cells and modules, and PV installations. It delivers independent analysis, accurate and fresh market data and informed forecasts.
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  • Sam Wilkinson, Ash Sharma, Frank Xie, Cormac Gilligan | September 11, 2015
    The PV Inverter Market Tracker – Premium includes a minimum of three forecast updates per year and a major annual update each June. On occasion, the premium report will also include unscheduled...
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  • Ash Sharma | September 04, 2015
    Comprising a highly detailed database of the PV module supply chain (from polysilicon through to finished modules), this market tracker provides the first definitive reference point for the solar supply chain. It provides extensive coverage of individual PV module suppliers globally, as well as tracking local module manufacturing.
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  • Icon Senior Analyst, Solar Supply Chain
    Cormac Gilligan is a senior analyst in the IHS Power & Energy group. Cormac is currently responsible for researching the PV inverter market having published several syndicated research reports on this industry; he is also involved in running IHS market trackers and customer survey report.
  • Icon Associate Director, Solar Supply Chain and Energy Storage
    Sam Wilkinson is a research manager for the solar and energy storage research group at IHS Technology.
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