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  • Jerry Kang | January 16, 2015
    In 2014, the AMOLED panel industry was apparently baffled by an unexpected dip in demand. Many of the flagship smartphones featuring AMOLED were not welcome in the market, and AMOLED for TVs and tablets, though launched as an ambitious bid, also fell flat due to its weak price competitiveness not matching up to that of liquid crystal display (LCD). That is why the year 2015 is going to be a very important year for the AMOLED panel industry. First of all, it would need to regain the lost pride in the smartphone panel market and strengthen the price competitiveness of the AMOLED for TV and tablet use.
  • Doo Kim, Kihyun Kim | January 01, 2015
    Whether it be WOLED or “soluble” AMOLED, in order to enter the AMOLED TV market, many technical issues must first be addressed. As of now, there is no way to be sure that these issues will be addressed nor about the exact timing. Still, one thing is clear that if it takes too long to address the issues, the chances of the AMOLED TV being well received in the market as a promising product will fall greatly.
  • Jerry Kang | October 28, 2014
    In 2014, a number of Chinese panel companies have rushed to unveil active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) panel prototypes. So far, as many as five Chinese panel makers—BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., EverDisplay Optronics Ltd., Tianma Micro-electronics Co., and Visionox Co.—have rolled out prototypes and at least nine companies are planning to enter the AMOLED panel market. If they all succeed in mass producing AMOLED panels within a year or two, the current AMOLED panel market landscape dominated by South Korean companies may well change to great extent.


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  • Kihyun Kim | October 20, 2015
    This AMOLED Device Structure Report – 2015, published by IHS, discusses development in AMOLED display devices produced by Samsung Display and LG Display; the supply chain for device materials; and products applying the devices.
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  • AMOLED panel makers’ strategy analysis and market forecast
    Jerry Kang | June 29, 2015
    This report covers the latest commercialized panel technologies and device structures including development trend in panel makers, as well as the supply chain for device materials and products using the devices. The report also reviews development status and mass production plans of newly entering panel makers that are preparing to produce AMOLED displays by country.
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  • Jerry Kang | October 27, 2014
    IHS examined growth potential of the OLED TV panel market and necessary technological requirements as well as trends and issues involving panel industry-related companies. Based on various expected scenarios from the research, IHS publishes the “AMOLED TV Panel Technology & Market – 2014” report that includes forecasts on the areas of product, cost, and market size.
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  • Brian Huh | November 12, 2015
    The IHS OLED Display Market Tracker covers the entire range of OLED displays shipped worldwide and regionally and delivers the industry’s most insightful look at historical shipments and forecast projections for the OLED display market. New OLED applications, models, product trend analysis, and OLED panel makers’ strategies are also included in the report.
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  • Jimmy Kim, Ph.D. | November 02, 2015
    The OLED Display Cost Model covers all OLED panels, including smart watch, smartphone, tablet, and TV applications. Subscribers will be able to better understand the panel cost structure and profitability of mainstream panel sizes using the model’s Excel data tables.
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  • Kihyun Kim | July 22, 2015
    This report deals with market analysis and forecast regarding organic light-emitting materials, consumption of the materials by AMOLED panel maker, and the status of organic light-emitting materials suppliers.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Emerging Display Technologies & OLED Panel
    Jerry Kang is responsible for the OLED display market analysis at IHS. His main focus is the AMOLED panel and the next generation display market including flexible and transparent display with AMOLED.
  • Icon Senior Director, Displays & APAC Research
    Vinita is the Senior Director for Displays and APAC Research in the IHS Technology group. At IHS she directs consulting, research & analysis and forecasting for the Display market.
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