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Alex Green | July 19, 2016
Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of co-moderating the Incisor.TV IoT European Roundtable at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in Savoy Place, London. Alongside me asking the questions was Incisor.TV founder Vince Houlton. With us on the roundtable panel were some of the top thought leaders in the IoT space: Professor William Webb, CEO of the Weightless SIG, Avi Barel of the ULE Alliance, Daniel Hartnett of the DECT Alliance, David Maidment, Director of New Technology Marketing at ARM, and a fellow industry analyst Aapo Markanen.
John Morse | June 30, 2016
Sales of hazardous area equipment declined by 11.1%, 2014 to 2015. Revenues are estimated to have fallen from $8.6 billion in 2014 to $7.7 billion in 2015, according to a new report recently issued by IHS.

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Comprehensive tracking, analysis and forecasts on gearboxes and geared motors.
A first in the industry, this five-module generators database research package offers coverage into at least seven different market segments and three major regions. Five-year forecasts, market shares, and insights from this research enable clients to develop more informed plans for growth in the generators industry.
Comprehensive tracking, analysis and forecasts on the hazardous area equipment market.
The best single source for following this growing market, the IHS Industrial Communications Intelligence Service - Annual offers you trusted forecasts, most up to date market data, detailed insights, and deep analysis on industrial automation networking adoption and trends. You will also receive direct access to IHS' expert analysts in industrial communications.
Comprehensive tracking, analysis and forecasts on industrial PCs.
This service provides highly detailed analysis for six major robot types in terms of revenue, unit shipments and average selling prices.
Complete examination of the semiconductor market for industrial electronics including competitive analyses of the top suppliers and purchasers.
Detailed data and analysis on the size and growth of linear motion products market.
Understanding global trends in Low Voltage Drives
The Low-voltage Motors Annual Intelligence Service comprises a flagship product of the traditional IHS Low-voltage Motors Report and three market briefs. The flagship low-voltage motors report is delivered once a year, with comprehensive and thorough analysis of the global and regional markets for low-voltage motors.
Leveraging our existing industry leading automation research, IHS is now offering highly detailed research within the mechanical components market. This Mechanical Components Database will provide detailed market insight for a set of five mechanical product groups. For this 2015 edition, the five product groups covered include couplings, mounted bearings, un-mounted bearings, brakes and clutches, and belts and chains.
One stop information source on the drive supply market covering forecasts, market players, market shares and regional analysis.
Medium voltage motors annual intelligence service comprises a flagship product of medium voltage motors report and three market briefs. The flagship medium voltage motors report is delivered once a year, with comprehensive and thorough analysis of the global and regional markets for medium voltage motors.
Motion control annual intelligence service comprises a flagship product of motion control report and three market briefs. The flagship motion control report is delivered once a year, with comprehensive and thorough analysis of the global and regional markets for motion controls.
In the current economic climate, making the right decision is crucial. In an ever changing market, utilizing proper guidance is paramount. This four-module database on pumps, fans and compressors research is the first of its kind, and offers coverage into more than 30 different market segments and three major regions. Five year forecasting by market segment aids educated decisions yielding future rewards.
In-depth motors and drives vertical application research on industrial and non-industrial motors and motor controls revenues, shipments and ASPs are detailed in all major markets, across the Americas, APAC and EMEA.
Detailed quantitative data and analyses of revenues, shipments, and ASPs are offered for each industry, region, and product type.
This multi-module package of prime mover databases with commentary offers unparalleled coverage of existing and emerging technologies and geographic regions, enabling executives to make better business decisions and maximize growth opportunities.
Building on previous successful reports on these markets, this four module database research package provides comprehensive analysis of existing and emerging trends. Forecasts provide insight to market opportunities and market share estimates are provided for leading suppliers by geographic regions and vertical markets.
The Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) Intelligence Service will provide news, commentary and analyst insight to ensure that you can easily keep abreast of developments as they happen. It will offer a one-stop information source that filters reality from all the hype, and offers an unbiased and realistic view of the implications for different industry stakeholders.
This service provides the most comprehensive research in the industry on smart utility meters; investigating the most important trends, drivers, and challenges affecting the current and future market for metering solutions.
Building on previous successful reports on these markets, this database research package offers unparalleled coverage of existing and emerging trends, presenting detailed insight for multiple geographic regions and vertical markets, enabling you to make better business decisions and maximize growth opportunities.


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  • Preston Reine | July 15, 2016
    This report is the seventh dedicated analysis by IHS on the world market for low-voltage (LV) integral horsepower (IHP) motors sold into industrial applications. The global market for LV motors includes motors of 1HP/0.75kW and above, with a voltage rating of less than or equal to 690V.
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  • Wilmer Zhou, Tom Morrod | July 15, 2016
    Coming Soon. This new study will provide marketing and technical executives with an up-to-date analysis of the market for service robots and drones, and an in-depth analysis on the current and future technology trends that will have an impact on the market.
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  • Sudhakar Chaudhary | July 07, 2016
    This IHS report is the fourth on the global market for precision gearboxes and geared motors. IHS regularly publishes annual reports on related markets, for example, machinery production, which were used in the forecast of this report.
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  • Robbie Galoso, Tom Hackenberg | July 19, 2016
    The industrial semiconductors market was worth $41.4 billion in 2014 or 11.7% of the entire semiconductor market...
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  • Generators Research Package
    Greg Johnson | July 18, 2016
    IHS presents a highly detailed database module on the world market for generator sets. The database presents world data by region (Americas, EMEA, Asia), country, industry, power rating, sales channel, fuel type, speed, application, and product type. Regional data and all technical segmentations are presented with a five year forecast (2016-2020).
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  • Rolando Campos | July 12, 2016
    In this quarterly service, IHS presents the value of capital expenditure across fifteen industries and thirty-four countries. The study then quantifies the value of automation products by country and by industry as part of that capital expenditure. This tracker presents annual forecasts...
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  • April 12, 2016
    At the second annual Energy Thought Summit in Austin, Texas, a wide variety of topics and themes were discussed, from the latest technologies coming to the industry, to challenges in pricing and market structures. Thought leaders came together from many different areas of the industry, including computing, regulations, utilities, software, and more.
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  • Kevin Schiller | September 18, 2015
    The following webinar for the Low-voltage Drives Intelligence Service provides an overview of the LV drives market, outlining historical performance, current profile, and future outlook.
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  • June 26, 2015
    The Smart Utilities Infrastructure team attended the AWWA ACE 2015 conference where vendors focused their products on conservation in light of the new California legislation. Our team gathered a lot of great insights as to what vendors are thinking and how the mandate is being perceived by vendors and water utilities alike.
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  • Icon Principal Analyst, Manufacturing Technology
    Alex West is a Principal Analyst for the Manufacturing Technology Group at IHS. With over fifteen years of experience, he has produced numerous syndicated and custom research projects, and consumer surveys, covering a range of electronics products in both the industrial and consumer space.
  • Icon Senior Research Manager, Discrete & Process Automation
    A Senior Research Manager of the Manufacturing Technology Group at IHS, Mark manages a team of analysts producing highly detailed annual market statistics for discrete automation, industrial communications, smart manufacturing, switchgear, industrial robotics and vertical machinery markets.
  • Icon Senior Director, Manufacturing Technology
    Tim is Senior Director of Manufacturing Technology research at IHS Technology. He manages a team of global analysts and has direct responsibility for the core strategy, personnel, research, analysis, and commercial planning of the division.