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Maria Chea | September 20, 2018
On 29 August, Argentina's president, Mauricio Macri, announced plans to speed up the disbursement of a $50 billion Stand-by Arrangement (SBA) loan by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). His statements raised the alarm that the country was unable to finance itself, sending the emerging markets into a tailspin. On 31 August, the Argentine peso reached a record low of ARS 41 to the USD 1. The central bank responded by increasing interest rates to 60% The government is currently undergoing negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to redesign the SBA signed earlier this year. The currency crisis has negatively impacted financing and risks slowing down investment across multiple industry sectors in Argentina. As for renewables, even if the projects in RenovAr are shielded from currency and off-taker risks, these protections may not be considered sufficient for potential financiers.
Miguel de Jesus, Cormac Gilligan | September 10, 2018
Historically, both Enphase and SolarEdge have enjoyed success partly due to being “first movers” with their respective technologies of microinverters and power optimizers. Their successful sales execution and marketing, coupled with a boom in residential shipments in the United States and key global markets capitulated each company to occupy dominant positions in the module-level power electronics (MLPE) industry. However, in recent years, the intense price competition and challenging competitive landscape has pushed both companies to accelerate their pace of innovation and entry into new markets in order to maintain their leading positions and grow their business in revenue terms.

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Offers comprehensive tracking and analysis of the downstream PV market. Market trackers as well as online project and integrator trackers cover solar system installations, market potential, and impactful government policies driving downstream solar activity around the world.
Presenting a wide-ranging detailed examination of the market for energy storage systems across all key global segments of the industry. Databases and reports cover small and large-scale renewable integration, grid support, and behind-the-meter storage.
Delivering essential information on the market for traditional inverters, microinverters, and power optimizers. Market trackers and reports cover supplier market share, shipments, revenues, pricing, policies, and demand for over 20 countries enabling comprehensive visibility into the global PV inverter market.
Detailed analysis and tracking of global PV supply and demand. Four market trackers give access to all aspects of supply, demand, prices, capacity, equipment spending, suppliers, technology roadmaps, and much more.
This service provides the most comprehensive research in the industry on smart utility meters; investigating the most important trends, drivers, and challenges affecting the current and future market for metering solutions.
This Service provides current and credible forecasts and analysis for installed PV capacity in North America, O&M and EPC coverage, as well as tracking and analysing project activity and Balance of System suppliers in North America. The research also includes detailed analysis of the supply chain, with coverage including module and inverter data.
This premium intelligence service provides complete upstream and downstream coverage of the solar industry, with ongoing data, analysis and insights throughout the year.
Covering both UPS hardware and its service and support, provides industry-leading detail and comprehensive analysis across a number of key industry segments.


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  • Jessica Jin, Holly Hu | September 21, 2018
    The PV Market Trend Survey - China is produced monthly and relies upon real shipment and installation data collected from suppliers and installers in the world’s largest PV market, in order to provide customers with a regularly updated and accurate check on its short- and medium-term development.
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  • Leena Tawate Deshpande | September 13, 2018
    This is the 2018 edition of the annual IHS Markit Gas Meters Report, which is a major component of the Smart Utility Meter Intelligence Service. This report consists of over 100 data tables, with historical information reaching back to 2013, and forecasts going out to 2024.
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  • Cormac Gilligan, Miguel de Jesus | September 07, 2018
    This is the tenth edition of IHS Markit’s highly regarded report on microinverters & power optimizers. It was researched over 8 months and provides the only detailed and reliable assessment of the global market. The report has been compiled using IHS Markit’s extensive knowledge and experience in the PV and power electronics industries.
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  • Sam Wilkinson, Julian Jansen, Mike Longson | September 21, 2018
    The IHS Grid-Connected Energy Storage Market Tracker provides detailed analysis and forecasts of this fast growing market. The market is segmented by siting, by region and by technology, with ten year forecasts presented for all major market segments. The forecasts are updated twice per year.
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  • Susanne von Aichberger | September 21, 2018
    IHS Markit’s revamped PV Installations Tracker (previously PV Demand Market Tracker) provides forecasts and analysis for installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity in more than 30 countries.
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  • Susanne von Aichberger | September 21, 2018
    IHS Markit’s revamped PV Installations Tracker – Premium (previously PV Demand Market Tracker) provides forecasts and analysis for installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity in more than 70 countries.
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  • New markets & innovation to continue the PV tracker market boom
    Camron Barati | July 16, 2018
    This presentation provides an overview of the PV tracker market in the United States. Key topics addressed in the presentation include the identification of key US markets for ground-mounted PV, the breakdown of the ground-mounted PV market in the United States by mounting type...
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  • Progress update on the global ESS market
    Julian Jansen | July 10, 2018
    This presentation provided a summary of the IHS Markit global outlook for energy storage. It further evaluated the major trends shaping the energy storage industry including supply chain constraints, emerging applications and the convergence with e-mobility.
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  • Are EV makers putting the cart before the horse?
    Julian Jansen | July 03, 2018
    On 20 June 2018, IHS Markit Associate Director Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles from the Chemicals group presented at the Intersolar / EES Europe Conference in Munich, Germany. It addresses the questions of how the supply and demand of battery cells for the automotive and stationary energy storage industries is developing.
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    Sam Wilkinson is a Associate Director for the Solar and Energy Storage Research group at IHS Markit.

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