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Louise Shorthouse, Ph.D. | February 12, 2020
Square Enix’s mobile title Dragon Quest Walk generated upwards of $112m in net revenue in Q4 2019, according to Priori Data. It is only available in Japan, and provides credible competition for Pokémon GO in the region based on the strength of the Dragon Quest IP.
Pablo Carrera | February 10, 2020
Although accounting for a mere 1% of the world’s digital cinema screens, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region represents one of the world’s fastest-growing areas for the medium, with local exhibitors dominating the scene.


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Holistic, global view of the rapidly evolving advertising and marketing terrain. The only product of global scope and reach to cover in detail established media including cinema, magazines, newspapers, radio and television; as well as the emerging, digital-driven landscape of mobile and online platforms.
Outpace the competition with timely intelligence on today’s online content and broadband access sectors. This service combines our proprietary market trackers and broadband media reports to deliver global data on broadband access, ISP uptake, and key VOD and online music segment data, in addition to granular data on key players in this space.
Get the complete picture of the global channel and programming content industry. This service features multiple proprietary market trackers that allow you to size and evaluate markets for TV channels and online services at the country and global level.
See the big picture in the global film and cinema industry. This service allows you to track market and technology developments in the global film and theatrical industries with performance metrics for specific companies and regions, as well as continuously updated market data and forecasts.
See the bigger picture in the global film and cinema industries with addition of detailed cinema operator strategy intelligence.
Grow your market share with time-critical insight into connected digital devices and technologies. This service features historical and forecast data for 14 connected device types and 17 operating systems across 75 countries. In addition, analyst reports provide continuously-updated information on the audio-visual connected device landscape and on the technology ecosystems that content service providers rely on to distribute online media.
"Must have" analysis of the major consumer technology platforms and ecosystems and how they are transforming the digital world.
Unlock opportunities in digital media distribution with a thorough understanding of consumer behavior worldwide. This service offers bi-annual consumer surveys and analysis on the relationships among device ownership, media preferences, and consumption in key countries. Subscribers can also access our connected devices database, which details installed base and the technology ecosystems used for media distribution in 70+ markets.
The entertainment market is undergoing a period of unparalleled change. While consumption of content continues to grow, access is fragmenting. Understand and forecast how much consumers spend across different entertainment media, platforms and business models.
Make your move in the global games market with unrivaled data and insight. This service provides extensive data, analysis and forecasts for well-established games media and hardware, such as consoles, handhelds, digital games and subscription services, as well as for emerging areas, including eSports and virtual reality.
Understand, direct and build global businesses across the games sector value chain. This service provides country, regional and global forecast data across all game content segments and devices for key metrics such as sales volumes/value, installed base, ASP and more.
Understand the competitive landscape with data and insight on mobile, pay-TV, fixed broadband and fixed voice markets worldwide. This service features our market trackers with highly accurate, continuously-updated information on operator performance and business strategies in the fixed voice, fixed broadband, mobile, and pay-TV markets across 100+ countries.
Get comprehensive intelligence analysis and insight for the global television and online video markets worldwide. This service features constantly updated detailed company and country-level data analysis on free, pay and online television markets, with detailed coverage of 81 countries worldwide.
Gain a competitive edge with the world’s only truly comprehensive source of television market intelligence. This service delivers constantly updated, detailed company and market-level data analysis on the pay and free television industry across 70+ countries worldwide.
The IHS Markit TV Sets Intelligence Service offers extensive analysis of the trends driving today's TV set market. Maintained by an experienced team of regional industry experts, the service helps you gain a better understanding of the dynamics in today's global TV market.
Solidify your competitive position in the global TV sets market. The TV Sets Intelligence Service – Premium delivers TV set industry analysis and data on all key video and display components inside every major brand and type of TV, such as 4K and curved screens.
A comprehensive view of the US Media market with availability and pricing data at a zip code level. The service includes a detailed look at the online video market as well as consumer preferences for devices and media consumption.
Gain insight into the markets for front-end, user-experience, and monetization technologies. This service allows vendors, media companies and investors to understand buyer needs, track capital flows in the market, perform basic due diligence and understand where value-creation is taking place across front-end and UX-related technologies.


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  • Fateha Begum | February 14, 2020
    This report analyses the consumption habits of US adults that subscribed to Disney+ within the first month of its launch. Consumer research reveals consumption trends along the entertainment chain, subscription video uptake and churn drivers, and device usage habits.
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  • Icon Tim Westcott | February 03, 2020
    The Media & Technology Digest provides a monthly analysis of the key trends and innovations shaping the global technology landscape. Written by our senior analysts the digest includes a detailed focus on key industry hot topics, analysis of all major industry and product announcements with in-depth examinations of significant industry trends.
    Subscribers Only
  • International broadcasters leave the UK as Brexit arrives.
    Aled Evans, Tim Westcott | January 30, 2020
    IHS Markit quantifies the number of services that will have to agree on new licenses in one of the 27 EU member states, and how many have already switched licenses in anticipation of the changes.
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  • Steve Bailey | February 19, 2020
    Connected console data and forecasts for platforms operated by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Annual data that covers number of connected consoles, active owners, and accounts. Segmented by device, online service, and console group.
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  • Steve Bailey | February 19, 2020
    TV and handheld console data and forecasts by platform and geography. Includes both physical and digital opportunity segmentation. Coverage includes game sales volume, value and ASPs, and platform subscription volume and value, segmented by platform, company etc.
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  • Steve Bailey | February 19, 2020
    Games console hardware sales data and forecasts. Metrics include sales volume, average sales price and sales value by geography, covering all major games consoles and VR headsets. PC household data is also included. The data is segmented by device group, company, and platform.
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  • Icon Senior Research Analyst, Channels & Programming, TMT
    Aled Evans is a Senior Research Analyst for IHS Markit in the TMT Content team.
  • Icon Manager – Research and Analysis, Service Providers & Platforms
    Ms. Alzbeta Fellenbaum, a principal analyst and manager of research at IHS Markit, leads strategic analysis in telecom for the Service Providers & Platforms team.
  • Icon Associate Director – Research and Analysis, Cinema, IHS Markit
    Ms. Charlotte Jones is the associate director of Research and Analysis for Cinema at IHS Markit.
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