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Sam Lucero | September 04, 2015
Unfortunately, while the Mobile IoT Initiative will continue to raise the profile for the LPWAN market as a whole, it’s likely to do little to resolve the fragmentation. First, the GSMA asserts there is a need for three LPWAN technologies owing to different use cases, and so it will encourage three current efforts already underway
Antonios Maroulis | September 03, 2015
This is not the first time that Google’s hardware is compatible with iOS. Google’s experiment with eye-wear, Google Glass, was also compatible with iPhones in addition to Android and offered very similar functionality. This is a big step for the smartwatch industry. To date, iPhone users’ choices of smartwatches were limited...

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In recent years, the demand and expectation for connectivity has expanded beyond consumer devices market, with companies and governments worldwide investing in technology to enable similar communication capabilities in their various assets, machines, and equipment. This trend has led to the rapid growth of the cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) market. Given the rising use of M2M in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare to utilities, this market presents a significant opportunity for companies that have a thorough understanding of its current dynamics and future outlook.
Mobile Device Electronics Intelligence quantifies the market for all semiconductor and cellular technologies driven by the mobile device industry spanning devices to infrastructure. It includes detail on the available market by device shipment volume and revenues as well as semiconductor device type (i.e. logic ASSP/ASIC, memory, analog ASSP/ASIC, etc) consumed by each segment of the total wireless industry.
Having disrupted the market for PND's with crowd-sourced data and convenient modern user experiences, smartphones are starting to create new location-based services that go far beyond traditional PND and automotive markets. Increasingly, LBS is creating new types of analytics data, new business models for advertising, mobile games, and mcommerce, as well as for traditional navigation. Portable and LBS Intelligence analyzes these innovations in mobile LBS that will continue to transform the PND and the whole mobile industry.

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With a focus on the economics of mobile content and services, Mobile Media Intelligence, provides must have analysis of the business models that are transforming the digital world, including apps, app stores, messaging, games, music and video. This includes the value-added service strategies of operators and smartphone makers, plus over-the-top start-ups and established media companies. The service offers both global trends and market data for 48 countries.

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Understanding the future of the smartphone and high speed 4G is critical for all operators, OEMs, media companies, and component suppliers engaged in mobile.
With forecasts for over 100 countries, IHS Operator Multiplay Intelligence offers an extremely wide analysis of emerging markets and the fast rising digital audience around the world. The service metrics cover all parts of a multiplay offering: mobile, pay TV, fixed broadband and voice. Operator Multiplay benchmarks the performance of leading operators and their strategies for combining services to boost customer retention and revenues.
As the global handset market increasingly becomes dominated by smartphones, market dynamics are driving divergent requirements across multiple tiers of devices. Smartphone Electronics Design Intelligence captures market drivers on both a global as well as OEM level enabling rapid analysis and implementation of strategic and tactical initiatives.
Provides data, insight, and analysis of the latest trends in the global tablet and eReader market.
The wearable technology market is ramping dramatically and presents opportunity for explosive future growth. The world market for wearable technology reached $8.5 billion in revenues during 2012, with 96 million devices shipped. By 2018, unit shipments are forecast to reach 210 million...
The explosive demand in wireless devices represents significant opportunity for the semiconductor industry. The Wireless Semiconductor Competitive Intelligence Service provides deep insight and analysis on the rapidly shifting core chipset supplier landscape across a range of mobile devices from wireless infrastructure, mobile broadband devices and handsets. Metrics offer extremely detailed semiconductor supplier market shares by end application, wireless function and technologies.


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  • September 04, 2015
    While rhetoric continues to focus on operators’ responsibilities, operators can claim a small win in the ongoing call drop debate with Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad assigning Telecom Secretary Rakesh Garg to resolve issues with municipal authorities and Resident Welfare Associations closures of telecoms towers.
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  • MTN Irancell unveils five new projects
    Pablo Tomasi, Pablo Tomasi | September 03, 2015
    MTN Irancell has unveiled five new projects/products in the presence of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology of Iran (MICT).
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  • Julian Watson | September 02, 2015
    The South African FTTP wholesaler Vumatel plans to cover some 100,000 homes by the end of 2016.
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  • Julian Watson | August 19, 2015
    In this country profile: data, charts, insight on the Iran fixed voice, fixed broadband, mobile and multiplay markets, plus comment on the major recent strategic and regulatory events.
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  • Darren Burgess | August 19, 2015
    In this country profile: data, charts, insight on the Israeli fixed voice, fixed broadband, mobile, pay TV and multiplay markets, plus comment on the major recent strategic and regulatory events.
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  • Peter Boyland | July 10, 2015
    In this country profile: data, charts, insight on the Austria fixed voice, fixed broadband, mobile, pay TV and multiplay markets, plus comment on the major recent strategic and regulatory events.
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